'Dark Shadows' Review By Ambers555

"Another Burton Success"
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I happened to see "Dark Shadows" last night. I was expecting to see a great Burton/Depp collaboration ; and i was not let down. In my opinion, they did the Dark Shadows series justice, even if there were a few changes which is normal when basing a film off of a television show. (and the director's artistic license). With Burton you can always expect any film to have a dark but yet humorous twist, which is why i was delighted to see that he was directing this movie. It is definitely his genre, and i dont think anyone could have done it better.

The cast was great and all of the personalities worked very well together. Certain scenes made me burst out into laughter thanks to the fabulous Johnny Depp and his "not so modern" character. I can definitely tell that they had fun during the making of this film. Each actor/actress played their roles very well and i was glad to see Helena Bonham Carter and Michelle Pfeiffer do a great job. Also Bella Heathcote and Chloe Moretz. There are too many to name, but i was satisfied with the casts performance, legends and newcomers. People really got into their characters exceptionally well.

The movie did not have that "let down" feeling that one sometimes receives after anticipating a film. The special effects were well done, and quite unique. Great set design as well. I appreciated the make up, and costuming, and they really pulled off the 1970's look very well. There were a few twists and turns that i did not care for, but nontheless i loved it. And even though this genre is not for everybody, if you are looking for a funny, but dark star studded film, this would have to be the one, and i advise people to view it! Overall a wonderful film. Burton & Depp have done it again!

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