Dambusters (2013)

Dambusters chronicles the story of Operation Chastise, a top-secret Royal Air Force bombing mission designed to strike a decisive blow against the seemingly invincible Nazi war machine at the height of its aggression.

In March 1943, a group of airmen drawn from across the ranks of the RAF were assembled and trained for an unprecedented and potentially deadly assignment whose complete nature was not revealed to them. This largely hand-picked group, known as 617 Squadron -- including pilots from Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the USA -- were led by Wing Cmdr. Guy Gibson. They had only seven weeks to train with exercises that imitated, but never revealed, their ultimate intent: to fly deep within well-armed Germany at tree top level and destroy three dams that were essential to the Nazi steel industry. A revolutionary bouncing bomb that could skip across water had been developed by a visionary scientist, Barnes Wallis, but to be effective, the bomb had to be dropped from a terrifyingly close range and at very low altitude. In specially-modified Lancaster aircraft, the airmen trained for a single mission, the likes of which had never been undertaken and whose potential for success was small. More »

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  1. Psychogingerbeer

    I will not post comments in future after just taking medication too many mistakes. My apologies Psychogingerbeer

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  2. Psychogingerbeer

    What are we, as a retired returned invalid army veteran the Dam Busters were my childhood heroes. Stuff political correctness just to please the American viewers, a historical film has to accurate and the death of Ni**er did have an effect on Gibson according to people who knew him and on other Squadron people who loved the dog he was the squadron unofficial mascot. I agree with Cobbler55's comments I too late for American protest over "Jews" and the yanks only protest or get involved when it suits them politically, financially, territorial gain or increased reputation, having served alongside them during the 70's that is if they were not fortified with "weed" or alcohol. So stand up and ensure the Queen and English Countries histories, traditions are show truthfully and honestly and not changed to please a minority of bleeding heart people for the sake of political correctness.
    The Psychogingerbeer.
    (The Crazy Australia Army Engineer)
    Gingerbeer = Engineer

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  3. Cobbler55

    As for the PC cr@p, theres a few neighborhoods in the US, Caribbean, and Latin & South America, where a few of you numbnuts could be sent to state your case in public, just to see if your powers of persuasiveness are as effective in public as they are online, of course...lol

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  4. Cobbler55

    Ben 'Sulphur' Darcy, and the rest of you MFers worried about the changing of the name of a dog, there were over 6 million Jewish people murdered [among others] during the war; I'd like to hear you at least speak out as loudly [moreso, if youve got the huevos] about those 6 million+ crimes before you ever yak open your lips about the changing of a dog's name that does, or doesnt, suit you just right...when you're done with speaking out about each and every person murdered during the war, then maybe, just maybe, you might have earned the opportunity to complain about a dog's name that you like, or dont like. Until then, STFU with your baby whining about the d@mned dog's name...meanwhile somebody get some cheese to go with his d@mned whine!

    Mervyn Hallam & Jim Shortland, if people during WWII had protested about the Jewish genocide carried out by the Germans, as much as you two have about the naming of a dog in a film, there may have been a few less deaths during the war.

    For speaking up more loudly about a dog's name, some of you here ought to be just as ashamed today as those Germans during WWII that ignored the Jewish genocide and pretended Hitler was an ok fella doing good for the proud hometeam...

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  5. Conundrum

    @Sharon-Williams Hello Sharon, I live 4 miles from Cosford, and I never knew Jamaican servicemen were stationed there, what unit was your father with? As next time I'm there I'll ask why there is nothing there to commemorate them. Cheers Stuart

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