'Clash of the Titans' Review By George Oldale

Perseus Of Power!
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Clash of the Titans is a live-action/stop-motion film loosely based on the legend of Perseus. It tells the story of how he was born and was destined to fight the monsters. From riding the flying steed, to going face-to-face with a snake/woman, to fighting a satyr and to killing a sea monster.

The film starts as Argos, the king of Argos sending his daughter Danae and grandson Perseus to the sea, as Danae made love to the Greek God, Zeus. Reaching the age of twenty, Perseus harms Thetis' son, Calibos and the goddess demands the princess's life who will be sacrificed to the Kraken.

Clash of the Titans is one of my favorite films to watch but it wasn't what I read in school. I don't remember Medusa having sisters and not half-snake, a clockwork owl who I thought it was the next R2-D2, or even a giant sea monkey who destroys various lands! But hey, that's Ray Harryhausen.

I watched the remake several years after I watched this film and I was a bit disappointed as they gave Bubo the owl a minor role and made Medusa sexy. I'm not saying I hate the remake, I'm just calling it different. But, you what they say; 'A remake is never better than the other one'.

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