Clash of the Titans (2010)

Clash of the Titans is a remake of the 1981 mythical adventure film about the myth of Perseus. To win the right to marry his love (Andromeda) and fufill his destiny, Perseus must complete various quests and battle both Medusa and the Kraken monster in order to save the Princess Andromeda. The special effects creatures in the 1981 film were created by stop-motion FX master Ray Harryhausen. More »

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  1. T.Clark

    Ya wanna know why it sucked?

    1. Io's presence in this movie is a f*cking joke. Yeah, it's a remake so new ideas are always long as they make sense. Io never interacted with Perseus in Greek Myth. It was always about Perseus and Andromeda, who is cast aside like expired milk in this piece of sh*t. Why was Io in this movie? I don't know, and I don't think the writers did either. They just wanted a new female love interest even thought Andromeda is still the person Perseus has to save in the end. No god damn sense.

    2. Sam Worthington's Perseus is like a stale piece of bread. He carries the same expression throughout the entire movie. Not once did I feel sympathy for him or applaud his heroic deeds, and it's all because of Worthington's performance.

    3. While the visuals were good, except for the clearly CGI Medusa(who seems a lot more pretty than she's supposed to be) Leterrier's decision to sell-out and convert the film to 3D ruins it. The theater I went to didn't offer the option of 2D or 3D, so I took a chance and suffered through 2 hours of having to wear the glasses for no apparent reason. Nothing popped out at me. The 3D was completely pointless.

    I pretty much summed up my review in which I gave it 1.5 stars. At least in the original, despite its problems, everything was there for a reason, and by the end of the movie, it feels like the journey meant something. In this laughable remake, it doesn't mean sh*t and aspects seem like they're in the movie just because they're in the original. So Hades is in control of a SEA MONSTER instead of Poseidon(who gets one line even though he's acted by Danny Huston)? So we're expected to give a sh*t about Andromeda when Perseus loves someone else, even though she's the one whose life he has to save, and even though they actually marry each other in Greek Myth? So Pegasus is black now?

    F*ck this movie.

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  2. RojoDiablo


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  3. T.Clark

    It f*cking sucked.

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  4. Sean

    I agree.

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  5. Cyn

    This one made me really, really miss the old one.

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