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  • 5 years ago
  • Hey guys. I definitely want you guys to watch the full trailer of Deon Taylor's new movie called Chain Letter. It's going to be released in big cities like Miami and Los Angeles. Even though, it's only showing in selected theaters, but if you happen to live in the area where it is showing, i recommend you guys to see it. It's gonna star Nikki Reed (Rosalee) of Twilight, Michael Bailey Smith (Pluto in The Hills Have Eyes), Brad Dourif (Voice of Chucky), Noah Segan ( Justin in Cabin Fever 2), and many more. The cast crew is pretty awesome and all are good actors. If you liked SAW, or just any movie that will make you cringe, you would definitely love Chain Letter. Check out the full trailer at www.deontaylorenterprises.com
  • 5 years ago
  • This one is the best horror movie in the year of the 2010 and this is thriller movie about the six friends story.In this movie all the friends have to follow the chain and the chain of letter otherwise they have to face a problem and they kill in the movie.I think the web site given by you perfect to know about the trailer and the horror thriller of this movie here.
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