'Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore' Review By Forrestgump1

This was actually overall a pretty decent flick , not great or anything , no where compares to its predecessor , but i did like Bette Midler as the villain , the 3D was unnecessary , and the movie was cornballlish and predictable so a mild recommendation
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The film Cats and Dogs , you may remember back in 2001 .. that was actually funny , had humor , and a great box office run , Now 9 years later we get an entirely unnecessary and easily forgettable sequel. But this movie does have a soft side , and i did laugh occasionally which is way more then i had intended to , the cast is well wasted here , i feel they are just dogging it. But this movie you know when it is fake because it does have a sense of humor , it does not want you to take it at all serious. Which now if it did , then granted it probably would have sucked , but shockingly this movie did not totally sucked i liked the first one , so i figured why not give this a shot. But this compares no where to the likes of Cats and Dogs , which i really enjoyed back in 2001 , Now i do not think that this movie is gonna make bank at the box office unlike the first one because it has been 9 years and i think most people will forget.

The Story here is simple , and easy to follow unlike (Inception) ... the story here we follow and fellow Kain-9 Diggs , who used to be in police work , but after an accidental blow up of a car dealership he is forced back into a cage. But with a sudden calling , The dog world headquarters wants to recruit Diggs so he can help take down and evil kitty mastermind , Kitty Galore , who is played very deviously by none - other then Bette Midler what is she doing with her career. But here evil plan can you guess it? is to enslave the world , and to get Dogs out of the picture. Yep that is pretty much the basic screwball plot that we are working with here , Now with this sudden emergency on our hands , Dogs and Cats are gonna have to work together.

The acting here was nothing to brag about , we see Chris O Donnell on screen for a total of about 5mins , and we really no nothing about the human characters really , or the animal characters for that matter , which can really bug me , but you do need to look at this from a Kids point of view they are not gonna care , about character or plot development. But still , a little incentive here would have been nice. We get James Marsden playing the non obedient Diggs , then Christina Applegate , as the lead feline Cat , that works for a high corp Meows organization. And i did like the brief Cameo we get buy Mr. Tinkles who has been reprise by Sean Hayes , which was nice at least someone from the cast reprise there role.

Overall: This film is decent , not like the original , It is good fun entertainment for the kids , i do not know about parents and teens , but they may or may not satisfy kids. It had me laughing here and there which i can morally respect that. But like i said the 3D was tacky the script horrid , and the animal porteys where just utterly terrible , just because a movie can make you laugh does not mean it is the greatest thing in the world , i do respect this movie , tho i have no idea if i will ever again plan to see this in the future. But i know my little sister would enjoy it. Please be advised tho some older , and more mature viewers of this film may possibly loose brain-cells from this movie , but hey at least its better then Marmaduke.





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