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  • Lisa Schwarzbaum Entertainment Weekly (Top Critic)
    Zemeckis tells his story ... with a control magnificent in what isn't shown as much as in what is.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Stephen Holden New York Times (Top Critic)
    At its best, Cast Away, like Titanic, awes us with its sheer oceanic sweep and its cosmic apprehension of human insignificance.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • USA Today (Top Critic)
    As a FedEx troubleshooter who survives a plane crash, Hanks performs a bravura solo spin.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Desson Thomson Washington Post (Top Critic)
    Director Robert Zemeckis and screenwriter William Broyles Jr. do a great job of keeping the cut-and-dried formula from, well, getting too cut and dried.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Jay Carr Boston Globe (Top Critic)
    A brave film, and a surprisingly absorbing and finally affecting one, partly because it's about that least American of trinities -- silence, solitariness, and the spiritual deepening impossible to achieve without both.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • J. Hoberman Village Voice (Top Critic)
    Although Cast Away is very much Hanks's extreme everyman solo, his inanimate Man Friday deserves recognition as one of the year's best supporting actors.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Eric Harrison Houston Chronicle (Top Critic)
    Hanks and his collaborators deserve all the praise and awards that surely will come their way.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Philip Wuntch Dallas Morning News (Top Critic)
    An exquisite film that gratifies our senses and our emotions.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Steven Rosen Denver Post (Top Critic)
    Beautifully crafted.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Peter Rainer New York Magazine (Top Critic)
    Hanks's Everyman quality has never been more aptly utilized: He's the perfect stand-in for all of us who never made it to Eagle Scout.
    Full Review » 13 years ago
  • Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times (Top Critic)
    Tom Hanks does a superb job of carrying Cast Away all by himself for about two-thirds of its running time, but isn't much helped by additional characters in the opening and closing sequences.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune (Top Critic)
    Cast Away is an adventure movie of extraordinary simplicity and power.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Steven Rea Philadelphia Inquirer (Top Critic)
    While Cast Away works as a simple saga of survival, the film plays on deeper levels too.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Susan Stark Detroit News (Top Critic)
    Cast Away amounts to little more than an unprecedented showcase for its star.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Emanuel Levy Variety (Top Critic)
    Takes admirable risks while avoiding pitfalls.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Lou Lumenick New York Post (Top Critic)
    A blockbuster with the soul of an art film, Cast Away is an enormously gratifying surprise ending to a generally disappointing year at the movies.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Jay Boyar Orlando Sentinel (Top Critic)
    This second section is a masterpiece of filmmaking and a tour de force of acting.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Peter Howell Toronto Star (Top Critic)
    The scenes of Hanks' complete isolation on the island, where barely a sound is heard for minutes at a time, are the best thing about Cast Away.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Sean Means Film.com (Top Critic)
    Worth the trip.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Rick Groen Globe and Mail (Top Critic)
    Cast Away isn't the first to recognize our modern need for primal tales, but it is among the most accomplished. It plugs straight into our unplugged fantasies.
    Full Review » 13 years ago
  • Stephanie Zacharek Salon.com (Top Critic)
    Cast Away is a sad movie of the sort that Hollywood almost never makes: not three-hankie sad, not 'go have yourself a good cry' sad, but the kind of thing that, if you let it in deep enough, can send a shudder to your very soul.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • James Berardinelli ReelViews (Top Critic)
    Has all the hallmarks of a great motion picture: well-developed characters, solid drama, non-traditional adventure, and an intelligent script.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Kirk Honeycutt Hollywood Reporter (Top Critic)
    Zemeckis does an excellent job of finding visual means to express Chuck's isolation and thought process.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Peter Travers Rolling Stone (Top Critic)
    Hanks conducts a master class in acting by showing a man losing his sense of himself in fractional gradations.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Kenneth Turan Los Angeles Times (Top Critic)
    A handsomely made, instructive but finally tedious blow-by-blow training film on island survival that it throws the entire venture out of balance, capsizing the enterprise and making it difficult to keep any kind of message afloat.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
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