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I've got to say that "Cast Away" is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Since no one else got a chance to review this movie yet, I'm going to be the first one to review it. Just like my favorite movie of all-time: "King Kong," this is one of those movies that really makes you feel emotional and it actually makes you cry, thereby making it a masterpiece. "Cast Away" is one of my favorite movies of all-time, and here's why:

STORY: I loved the story for this movie. I also liked this movie's story better than the story in "Forrest Gump." Okay, I'm not saying I don't like "Forrest Gump." That movie was still good. It has a great story and character development, but the whole movie being 2hrs-and-20mins long? No. It dragged on a little and it should have been shorter than that, but "Cast Away" has a better story especially of how emotional the ending is. Even though this movie is 2hrs-and-20mins long like "Forrest Gump" is, this movie actually doesn't drag on at all and it left me interested throughout the whole movie and made me wonder what was gonna happen next.

After a FedEx worker (Tom Hanks) survives a plane crash and gets stranded on a small un-inhabited island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, he freaks out and does whatever it takes to try to survive since there's no way off the island and there's no one there. He later befriends a volleyball named Wilson after opening some FedEx boxes that were washed ashore after the plane crash. He befriends the volleyball because he is alone on the island and he has no one else to talk to. I respect that. And after spending FOUR YEARS on the island, he finally has found a way to escape: making a raft using a large sheet of plastic from a portable toilet that was washed ashore. And after finally escaping the island and being rescued, that's where it gets really great by how emotional the ending of this movie is, but I won't spoil it. I'll let you figure out the rest.

ACTING: Tom Hanks did a great job in this movie, as, of course, it's just showing him only throughout the whole movie because he's alone on a deserted island along with Wilson the volleyball. However, there are other people in this movie that did good too, but they are shown only at the beginning and end. That's that with the acting.

DIRECTING: Robert Zemeckis has talent for his directing. Out of all his movies: the "Back To The Future" trilogy (Part II from 1989 is my favorite of the trilogy), "Forrest Gump," and this, "Cast Away" is his best one. He made this movie really interesting and the ending so emotional I actually cried. Not kidding. It was mostly because of the incredible music from Alan Silvestri that was played during the end credits and during the scene when Tom Hanks lost his imaginary volleyball friend Wilson while being on his raft in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after escaping the island. That scene was completely heartbreaking to me, and I thank Robert Zemeckis for making that scene so emotional and for choosing the perfect music from Alan Silvestri for that scene and for the end credits! Zemeckis and Silvestri both deserve award-nominations for Best Directing and Best Original Score for this movie, just like they both did for "Forrest Gump!" Praise for them both!

VISUALS: This is not much of a visual movie since it's only a drama, however, the plane crash scene and the high waves during the stormy nights were pretty visual. The island Tom Hanks was stranded on was actually real. I remembered watching a Behind-The-Scenes clip a few years ago and there WAS an island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, so what Tom Hanks did on the island in this movie was real. It was not green-screen effect or anything like that. The filmmakers really did film on that island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, so that's why I gave the visuals a good score.

OVERALL: This is one of the best movies ever made! I highly recommend this to those who are Tom Hanks fans, Robert Zemeckis fans, or both! I think this movie deserves more credit like "Forrest Gump" has, but I still like this one better! When this movie ended after I watched it for the first time, I cried and I felt like giving it an applause even though I did not see this movie in the theater back in 2000. I watch this movie a bunch of times and I still love it, thereby making it one of my favorite movies of all-time! This movie really is worth the watch and I bet it'll make you cry too...especially when Wilson gets washed away in that one scene!

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  1. Emmytt

    but good review

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  2. Emmytt

    this movie sucked

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  3. T. King (Red Camera Man)

    Thanks, Screenwriter. This movie was great! And I agree, Wilson! :'(

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    NIce review. I love this movie.

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  6. Rlt9009

    Great review and a outstanding movie.

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  7. Diaigma

    Awesome review. I too loved this film, and made me appreciate the value of volleyballs that much more :P

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