Capitalism: A Love Story (2009)

Capitalism: A Love Story will explore the root causes of the global economic meltdown and take a comical look at the corporate and political shenanigans that culminated in what Moore described as the biggest robbery in the history of this country - the massive transfer of U.S. taxpayer money to private financial institutions.

But as the political winds shifted in the months before the election -- and gusted after it - Moore subtly began reorienting his movie. Instead of foreign policy, the film's focus now is more on the global financial crisis and the U.S. economy.

Capitalism: A Love Story will contain an end-of-the-empire tone, say those familiar with the project, and Moore no doubt hopes that this will give it a more general feel that will untether it from a specific political moment. More »

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  1. Mad_Max

    This makes sense. Micheal Moore makes a movie that makes fun of Capitalism hoping that its Capitalism that makes him a lot of money by making it. Typical Commie bastard.

    5 years agoby @mad-max-67878820Flag