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  1. DoubleR0522


    5 years agoby @doubler0522Flag

  2. Publicenemiesdarknight

    i think that beyonce played her very good, other than her horrible performance in obessed

    5 years agoby @publicenemiesdarknightFlag

  3. arthurg09

    every time i put on the TV i see a new movie coming out with a singer as the star playing a singer. today i see on TV that beyonce is once again play a singer in another movie. i get it already she's some big singer that lots of people love i'm not one of them. even when i know the only reason that movie is beeing made is because her father made it so.do i see singers doing movies were there not singing YES and to me there true actors/true singers because they seperated the two skills and shown they can to both unlike beyonce she needs to put singing & acting together. to me she can't be called a actors untill she does a movie without singing in it.

    singers that are true singers/actors

    mandy moore


    alicia keys


    this is just a small few beyonce is not one of them.

    she sucks and this movie will suck because she's in it and it's a story not worth telling.

    6 years agoby @arthurg09Flag

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