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  • Owen Gleiberman Entertainment Weekly (Top Critic)
    Blood: The Last Vampire might be described as Kill Bill crossed with Buffy, only that would make it sound like more than the slapdash, thrill-less dud that it is.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Jeannette Catsoulis New York Times (Top Critic)
    Suffers from abusive close-ups, repetitive fight sequences and uninspired demon design.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Dan Zak Washington Post (Top Critic)
    The peculiar, comic-book-like computer graphics -- artful at first -- finally overtake Blood and make it look like a video game instead of a graceful, graphic martial arts movie.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Wesley Morris Boston Globe (Top Critic)
    Don't let the subtitle of Blood: The Last Vampire alarm you. The finale of this tedious piece of Asian-ish action-schlock based on a popular anime series implies an intention to make more. One was plenty for me.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Aaron Hillis Village Voice (Top Critic)
    Unexciting, incoherent, lamely acted, and carelessly written.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Joe Neumaier New York Daily News (Top Critic)
    Watch True Blood, Let the Right One In or Twilight instead. Or wait for Thirst or New Moon or Daybreakers or ...
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Cary Darling Dallas Morning News (Top Critic)
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times (Top Critic)
    This isn't a great movie. But it's sincere as an entertainment, it looks good, it's atmospheric.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Michael Ordona Chicago Tribune (Top Critic)
    Often-unwatchably dim.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • V.A. Musetto New York Post (Top Critic)
    Not only isn't the new effort up to the standards of the anime, it's bloody awful by any standard.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Keith Uhlich Time Out
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Kelly Vance East Bay Express
    The dialogue is horrible (sample exchange: "Little bitch is out of control"), the acting is worse.
    Full Review » 4 years ago
  • Sean Axmaker Seanax.com
    ... a bizarre mix of sensibilities that falls apart into a mess of cultural cues. The result is as tone deaf as the confused accents.
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • James O'Ehley fantastiqueZINE
    Feels like one of those Underworld sequels, but with a samurai-wielding Japanese schoolgirl instead of the tight leather outfits . . .
    Full Review » 5 years ago
  • Michael Szymanski Sci-Fi Weekly
    I think this is a world-class film! It contains great martial arts and great storytelling, and it turns the vampire genre on its ear.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Rob Gonsalves eFilmCritic.com
    Really, is there supposed to be any entertainment value in this thing, or is it meant to be a ponderously stupid endurance test?
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Jeffrey M. Anderson Combustible Celluloid
    So laughably awful that it easily qualifies for so-bad-it's-good status.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Brett Michel Boston Phoenix
    Despite inserting a jumble of backstory into his live-action take on an action experiment from Japanese animation studio Production I.G, director Chris Nahon captures some of the visceral thrills of the nine-year-old anime.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Beth Accomando KPBS.org
    The best thing that can come from this film is that it will be so poorly received both by critics and audiences that it will put a damper on Hollywood's current interest in remaking anime.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Fred Topel Can Magazine
    As good as any Hollywood movie, which is to say it's got lousy visual effects and generic dialogue. Since we're already forgiving that anyway, there's enough engaging action to make it plenty fun and entertaining.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Steve Biodrowski Cinefantastique
    Slashing swords, splashing blood, and flashy CGI - not to mention a hot chick in school uniform - sound like a cool combination, but the life bleeds out of Blood: The Last Vampire long before the final reel.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Maitland McDonagh Horror Hacker
    An stew of international genre influences that plays like a Vietnam-era cross between Blade and TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer, with elaborate martial arts sequences.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Luke Y. Thompson E! Online
    If you're not familiar with this kind of live-action anime in general, Blood isn't a bad place to start, but for diehard fans it's a lot of been-there-done-that.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Tricia Olszewski Washington City Paper
    Ever wish for a cinematic slushie of Kill Bill, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and the cheesiest vampire movie ever made? Welcome to Blood: The Last Vampire.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Dave White Movies.com
    Full Review » 6 years ago
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