'Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey' Review By Corey W.

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Who would have thought that a doc*mentary based on the story of the man who puppets Elmo, a famous icon to children all around the world would turn out to be so great and inspirational? Without a doubt, I never expected this from any film titled "Being Elmo", and the way that the film touches upon the viewers through this incredible true story of Kevin Clash (a man only a few can name) is absolutely remarkable and well-done. What the film does is it starts off with the beginning of Clash's life and how a passion for crafting puppets becomes his entire humanity; seeing how Clash is much different from most children, most teenagers, and most adults, it's very entertaining to see how he reaches upon the job that helms today: being Elmo. Through an incredible journey, Clash meets a famous puppet-maker behind The Muppets, ironically a guy named Kermit, and how Kermit introduces him to a world he only ever dreamed of: the world of Jim Henson. When Clash meets his icon, his favorite inspiration, Jim Henson, his entire life changes in the blink of an eye and from there the film touches upon many levels of emotion and inspiration. Being Elmo is the perfect film for children and teenagers across the globe that are made fun of for hobbies that they have a passion for because this only shows how any dream is possible. Just ask Elmo himself...I mean, Clash.

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