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  • Lisa Schwarzbaum Entertainment Weekly (Top Critic)
    The set pieces are narcotically pleasing, especially the Busby Berkeley-style dancing-kitchenware spectacular, "Be Our Guest," and the romantic ballroom centerpiece that brings Beauty and her Beast together.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Owen Gleiberman Entertainment Weekly (Top Critic)
    Splendidly crafted as it is, the new Disney is a luscious impasto of visual invention that never quite finds its heart.
    Full Review » 23 years ago
  • Janet Maslin New York Times (Top Critic)
    It is a surprise, in a time of sequels and retreads, that the new film is so fresh and altogether triumphant in its own right.
    Full Review » 6 years ago
  • Andrew Pulver Guardian [UK] (Top Critic)
    There's no doubting the craftsmanlike elegance of the film, summoning up with relish the spirit of classic fairytale Disney of the 50s and 60s...
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Peter Bradshaw Guardian [UK] (Top Critic)
    There's enough wit and ingenuity in Roger Allers's story and Howard Ashman and Alan Menken's songs to give the CGI whizzkids a run for their money.
    Full Review » 13 years ago
  • Desson Thomson Washington Post (Top Critic)
    The scenes, characters and songs attempt to duplicate the success of Mermaid all too obviously.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Hal Hinson Washington Post (Top Critic)
    A delightfully satisfying modern fable, a near-masterpiece that draws on the sublime traditions of the past while remaining completely in sync with the sensibility of its time.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Bruce Westbrook Houston Chronicle (Top Critic)
    There's still room in this world for innocent love stories -- and tales as old as time.
    Full Review » 13 years ago
  • Chris Vognar Dallas Morning News (Top Critic)
    Brims with charm, style, and flawless execution that doesn't feel the least bit dated by subsequent technological advancements.
    Full Review » 13 years ago
  • Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times (Top Critic)
    Slipped around all my roadblocks and penetrated directly into my strongest childhood memories, in which animation looked more real than live-action features.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Jonathan Rosenbaum Chicago Reader (Top Critic)
    Despite some excessive narrative streamlining, this 1991 release was the best Disney animated feature in years, full of charm and humor.
    Full Review » 7 years ago
  • Variety (Top Critic)
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Variety Staff Variety (Top Critic)
    A lovely film that ranks with the best of Disney's animated classics.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Joe Leydon Variety (Top Critic)
    A uniquely elegant and entertaining mix of hand-drawn classicism and high-tech innovation.
    Full Review » 7 years ago
  • Lou Lumenick New York Post (Top Critic)
    This is the only animated film ever nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, and you'll see why.
    Full Review » 13 years ago
  • Jay Boyar Orlando Sentinel (Top Critic)
    Moves us because we know that true love can sometimes seem like a mismatch. And also because, in love, we can all feel like captives or beasts.
    Full Review » 13 years ago
  • Richard Ouzounian Toronto Star (Top Critic)
    Some youthful memories are better not revisited, but this definitely isn't one of them. Sometimes you can go home again.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Jennie Punter Globe and Mail (Top Critic)
    The 3-D pops out to enhance the drama or energy of scenes in which settings are large and integral to the action.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • James Berardinelli ReelViews (Top Critic)
    Not only the finest animated movie ever made, but deserves a prominent position on any list of all-time greats.
    Full Review » 15 years ago
  • Richard Corliss TIME Magazine (Top Critic)
    Its animators' pens are wands; their movement enchants.
    Full Review » 7 years ago
  • Charles Solomon Los Angeles Times (Top Critic)
    It's a pleasure to see "Beauty and the Beast" again in a theater with an audience that laughs and cries, but most of those pleasures would be just as evident in a conventional presentation.
    Full Review » 13 years ago
  • Philip French Observer [UK]
    The 3D revival sees this witty, dramatically inventive version of a familiar story wearing well.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Henry Fitzherbert Daily Express
    Pure fairytale escapism that doesn't boast any digital trickery, celebrity voiceovers or unnecessary action.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Christopher Tookey Daily Mail [UK]
    Disney's most perfectly achieved combination of animation, story-telling and song must surely be this loving tribute to the old fairytale.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
  • Matthew Thrift Little White Lies
    Unsubtle perhaps, but never fails to hit the right notes.
    Full Review » 3 years ago
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