Back to The Future (1985)

High schooler Marty McFly Michael J. Fox, during the height of his TV success) is catapulted back to the '50s where he sees his parents in their teens, and accidentally changes the history of how Mom and Dad met. Filled with the humorous ideology of the '50s, filtered through the knowledge of the '80s (actor Ronald Reagan is president, ha!), the film comes off as a Twilight Zone episode written by Preston Sturges. Filled with memorable effects and two wonderfully off-key, perfectly cast performances: Christopher Lloyd as the crazy scientist who builds the time machine (a DeLorean luxury car) and Crispin Glover as Marty's geeky dad. More »

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  1. Yogijava

    ONE of the BEST sic fi master piece of 80`s yez? man Zemeckis & Gale you that true beautiful mind to boom your vision & spread out your wild thought of how far you can think to imagine the best to beat off your brain can output

    12 months agoby @YogijavaFlag