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You're no longer in Kansas...You are on Pandora ladies and gentlemen.
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Directed by James Cameron

Produced by James Cameron

Jon Landau

Written by James Cameron

Starring :

Sam Worthington

Zoë Saldaña

Stephen Lang

Michelle Rodriguez

Giovanni Ribisi

Sigourney Weaver

In the year 2154, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), a former U.S. Marine paralyzed from the waist down due to wounds sustained in combat, is selected to participate in the Avatar program.

For a masterpiece like this, there really are very few words to describe to you how much this movie rocked my world. First thing, James Cameron deserves the grandest of a standing ovation for Avatar; the movie itself recieves one in Puerto Rico right when the credits came up.

Sam Worthington is indeed a rising star and his road to be one of the best in Hollywood grows more and more. I wish him the best luck for he is doing a great job. Now! Moving on:

Pandora, before my eyes had to be the most beautiful plante in allthe cosmos in terms of fiction. Fiction or not I felt as if I was watching a second Earth; much similar to our planet. The next thing I truly enjoyed the most was Pandora's wildlife:

-The Banshee, The Direhorse, The Rhino-like Hammerhead Titanothere, The Thanator, and the Viperwolf. Interstingly enough each of the land creatures bared incredible similarites to each posses in their genetic enginnering of six legs. Let's not forget to mention their home, being that Pandora itself, but Cameron's version of the Tree of Might, known as The Hometree. Pandora is not a savage world like the humans in the movie want all to believe. through the eyes of the Avatar, all of Pandora is alive (the key to the entire movie). Like Earth, we forget that every tree, every land creature, creature of the seas and from the sky, and the people are part of the planet. Like Avatar, we are all one with mother Earth, as the Na'vi are one with Pandora and their spiritual god/godess of ancestors, Eyra.

The humans go to Pandora to extract a rare and costly mineral or element called Unobtainium, that is basically whole reason of the journey. They called the Na'vi savages, where I completely disagree, for the humans were the savages invading a world that didn't belong to them. Sam Worthington as his Avatar, learns this at first and knew he had to complete the mission, but after learning the way of the Na'vi and the spirity of Eyra, the choice was made and he decided to put a stop to the destruction that was brewing to destroy life of Pandora. The way cameron imagined how the Na'vi respected the wild, and the animals, was pure genius. To be able to ride one creature, it must choose you for you must be one with the creature. Pandora is a planet that surrounds itself with bonds. The most powerful of bonds between man(Na'vi) and nature(Eyra).On Earth we have lights to illuminate our streets and our buildings to illuminate our cities. On Pandora is an entirely different concept. Pandora's nature is light. It's trees it flowers and it's creautre are light; life that can show beauty that can leave an awe inspiring majestic sight.

The special effects were state of the art, as expected of Cameron, like we saw in Titanic. If someone were to tell me that the entire movie was an idea that took decades to make, I would surely believe them. Cameron's methods; his style to make a movie, to direct any film is unique, beautiful and powerful. Academy Award winner? But of course. I have no doubts that Avatar will not only be successful in the box office, but in the eyes and acknowledgements of the critics and next years Academy Awards.

Ladies and gents, I urge you to watch Avatar, even if you do not find the interest to do so. I assure you it is the movie of the decade and of your lives. To you, Titanic (a movie with no equal) was powerful and emotional. But, Avatar, can give you an adventure that I doubt no other directer would have been able to create.


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    Love the review.

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  3. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    i'm watching it saturday for the 3rd time
    it's that good

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  4. Kentarus24

    I just saw it and it was the best movie ever, no like the crap of "new moon", I hope this movie have a killer box office.

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  5. Narzion

    i saw it today and...................it was awsome, no it was better than awsome....it was 3-D, guys you have to see this movie in 3D

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    thanx a lot

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