'Avatar' Review By thedarkknight12

this is not the review for the original film,this is for the re-release.
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Ok.You're probably thinking I'm crazy to see the re-release of avatar.Well basically if you didn't like the movie in the first place you won't like this any better.This is 9 minutes long! :0 So I was like the ultimate fan of avatar when it was out.I devoted my life to avatar.I got 2 t-shirts,a poster,the game and i'm going to buy every single edition of this movie on blu-ray,even the 3-D version and I don't even have a 3-D tv.I even went to the store to buy a blu-ray player just to get this movie on blu-ray and I already got a ps3.So when I heard that this movie was being re-released.I heard ahead of time because I know someone who works there.Let's just say that was my happiest movie information I've heard since they said that 3-D was coming to our theater.Now back to the review.I thought that the story was told better and the sternbeast hunt scene was awsome in 3-D.This movie had the same acting as the first one and it even went over my expectations of the acting in the new scenes.The directing was the same because they didn't film anymore and if the directing in the first was great.Which it was.It's great in this one.Visuals are a masterpiece like in the first one.They even inproved in the new scenes because they just did the visuals for the new scenes recently and that means better visual effects.So if you hated the first release you won't like this anymore than the first one.But if you loved the first one you will be like at home and the story is better told,the acting n the new scenes are great, the directing is the same and the visuals are inproved and the sternbeast scene is a leap forward for 3-D.It's worth your well earned money.

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