Atlas Shrugged: Part II (2012)

With the global economy on the brink of collapse, Dagny Taggart discovers what might be the answer to a mounting energy crisis and races against the clock to prevent the motor of the World from being stopped for good. More »

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  1. DeVaughn Edwards

    Honestly, this was the worst "movie" ever. Even for what is incredibly transparent Right Wing- Tea Party propaganda, Fox Newsies would shudder at having to sit through ten minutes of this cinematic dung. If you gave a zoo monkey a camcorder and a $10 budget, it would produce a better film. Honestly, I gave it a shot. I had no idea this was a Republican shullbit movie until 15 minutes into it. After the absurdity of preaching "if it weren't for us greedy corporate b***s, society would we're going to disappear to teach you a lesson." Seriously? No, really...seriously? As if anybody with a working brain cell wouldn't know that if a corporation closed its doors there wouldn't be a dozen other companies clamoring to take its place. Whatever you do, do not waste precious lifetime on this barrel of dumbness.

    11 months agoby @DeVaughn-EdwardsFlag