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  • Lisa Schwarzbaum Entertainment Weekly (Top Critic)
    All the family values remain intact, held fast with a substance even stronger than superglue: Nostalgia for sexual innocence past.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • A.O. Scott New York Times (Top Critic)
    To fill its depleted reservoir of jokes, Adam Herz's new script frequently tries to generate laughs simply by mentioning something from his old one.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Guardian [UK] (Top Critic)
    Full Review » 13 years ago
  • Susan Wloszczyna USA Today (Top Critic)
    This second slice just isn't as deliciously naughty as the original piece.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Desson Thomson Washington Post (Top Critic)
    Sure it's a sequel, but Pie 2 reprises most of the spirit of the first movie.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Stephen Hunter Washington Post (Top Critic)
    What a portrait of young American manhood as a collective of hormone-addled schnooks -- effete, incapable, soft and doomed, a group of chuckleheads who couldn't find the sky without a sign that pointed up.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Elizabeth Barchas Boston Globe (Top Critic)
    The sequel copies the humor of the original so completely that you can't help feeling the party was over a while ago.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Mark Holcomb Village Voice (Top Critic)
    Rogers's feeble attempt to ape the Farrellys' gross/sad/funny dialectic falls flat.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Bruce Westbrook Houston Chronicle (Top Critic)
    Unlike most such sex comedies, it's not mean-spirited. Instead, like the original, it's an odd mix of ribaldry and innocence, titillation and tenderness, lasciviousness and love.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Chris Vognar Dallas Morning News (Top Critic)
    It's a pleasant enough escape, albeit a short-lived and disposable one.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Asher Price Denver Post (Top Critic)
    The main characters are further developed ... and just as endearing as the first incarnation.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times (Top Critic)
    I had a good time at American Pie 2, maybe because the characters are broad comic types, well played; the movie feels some sympathy for their dilemmas, and because it's obsessed with sex.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Michael Wilmington Chicago Tribune (Top Critic)
    Just another by-the-numbers, money-hungry sequel with a lot of recycled shaggy-sex jokes and gross-out gags.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Steven Rea Philadelphia Inquirer (Top Critic)
    With the raunch quotient cranked up several notches, the sequel is calculated, cynical and, worse, not funny.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Susan Stark Detroit News (Top Critic)
    The most sluggish of dumb comedies, a picture that doesn't even have the brains to speed through witless material.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Robert Koehler Variety (Top Critic)
    Less a movie than another efficient moneymaking machine for Universal Pictures, American Pie 2 is a remarkably boring comedy.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Jonathan Foreman New York Post (Top Critic)
    Very, very funny, albeit inferior in a number of ways to the original.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Roger Moore Orlando Sentinel (Top Critic)
    It is enough to make one lament for misspent youth, for the teenagers who will buy tickets to PG-13 rated fare only to sneak into this rehash.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Peter Howell Toronto Star (Top Critic)
    Still seems fresh, despite using the same ingredients of the first one.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Jason Anderson Globe and Mail (Top Critic)
    Hollywood may treat us comedy fans like we're idiots, but we know a good super-glue joke when we see it.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Stephanie Zacharek Salon.com (Top Critic)
    Here, the jokes are their own feeble reason for being; some are mildly funny, but most just fall flat with a dull clunk.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • James Berardinelli ReelViews (Top Critic)
    Exists exclusively because its forerunner made a lot of money -- and the lack of inspiration behind the movie shows in every frame.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Kirk Honeycutt Hollywood Reporter (Top Critic)
    It's a cheesy mixture of porn and corn.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Peter Travers Rolling Stone (Top Critic)
    A slipshod sequel that looks tossed together over a weekend by people who couldn't care less.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
  • Kenneth Turan Los Angeles Times (Top Critic)
    A copy all the way, a disheartening attempt to capitalize on the success of the original.
    Full Review » 14 years ago
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