'Aliens Vs. Predator - Requiem' International Red Band Trailer

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A red band trailer from Japan of Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem.
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Comments (12)

  1. Crunkvillesista(cvs)

    dis was a gud movie, thee first was better to me doh...buh this was still gud

    7 years agoby @crunkvillesistaFlag

  2. ChuChi

    i seen the movie and i though it was so stupid movie was wack.. but the sequel.. blah!!!! the first one was way better.. the only good thing bout this movie is the gore thas it

    7 years agoby @josedrosaFlag

  3. CUPID

    looks f*cking awesome but i gotter wait one more week

    7 years agoby @cupidFlag

  4. Rock

    nice trailer , hope it's better then the last one , even dho i liked it

    7 years agoby @elrochoFlag

  5. tremendoustroy67

    i am soooo looking for to seeing this movie

    7 years agoby @tremendoustroy67Flag

  6. wizdome

    lol...you're an AVP fiend smithy!

    7 years agoby @wizdomeFlag

  7. Alan_Smithy

    Just counting down the days.

    7 years agoby @alan-smithyFlag

  8. tyler13d

    Nice trailer, though I really hope they didn't pack everything the film has to offer in this trailer to deliver something dissapointing in theatres. The first one was so lame...and Im being polite there...

    7 years agoby @tyler13dFlag

  9. The Kwisatz Haderach

    This movie is going to kick so much ass!

    7 years agoby @the-kwisatz-haderachFlag

  10. Phatlightning

    NICE, so much more killing

    7 years agoby @sxers2k1Flag

  11. kenny

    i love it

    7 years agoby @kennyFlag

  12. Brian

    This trailer is SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!!

    7 years agoby @brianFlag