Alien Uprising (2013)

A group of friends awake one morning to find all electricity and power shut off, and an immense alien aircraft hovering in the air above their heads. Suddenly this regular group of friends is battling to survive, as the entire human race is threatened by the alien army hovering ominously above. More »

Comments (3)

  1. Dennis Zwolle

    Weird movie, never really got to the point? If they were making a film about gun play, then yes you got it? Never really got the end, two alien forces fighting? No, dynamics were ever portrayed between them? Did not see what the Bible passage had to do with the movie? 18 Behold my servant, whom I have chosen; my beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased: I will put my spirit upon him, and he shall show justice to the Gentiles. Where we're going with this??? No, connection but distruction of the Human Race???

    4 months agoby @Dennis-ZwolleFlag

  2. Kirill Kirill

    Lars, that is only your opinion. They will make a sequel. 10/10. ;)

    6 months agoby @Kirill-KirillFlag

  3. Lars Rohde Thomsen

    Is that your first movie ever ?
    Its horse crap.
    The director of that movie have no clue about how to make a movie..
    The music was so bad, i had to turn it off most of the time.
    Plot ? there was no plot.
    They had a chance to make a great movie like I.D.
    But instead they messed it all up.
    Rate 2/10

    9 months agoby @Lars-Rohde-ThomsenFlag