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Have you ever watched a trailer or heard about movie coming soon that you know will be so terrible, but then you finally see it for it yourself and it's really not as bad as you thought it was. Well, when it comes to Alex Cross, it actually is as bad as you think it is, even worse.

I don't read novels. I'm a non-fiction reader. I know nothing of this character, so before I went to see this stupid movie, I thought I might read a little bio of want this character is all about. And what I find is that this guy is nothing more than a black wannabe version of Sherlock Holmes. I've maybe got that wrong but the makers of the movie seem to come up with the same conclusion. Tyler Perry's Alex Cross., oh wait, sorry not a Tyler Perry movie. Rob Cohen's Alex Cross is just a weak attempt of piggy banking off of this new Sherlock Holmes phenomenon. There's nothing about this character that makes him standout from any basic format CSI detective style show. Fortunately for everyone involved with this film, Tyler Perry is not the worst thing about this movie.

Actually the one good thing I can say about this movie is that it's not a Tyler Perry movie. Let's just start with the number one problem. Stop naming your titles with actual names. It's terrible for marketing purposes, without big name stars involved. Hello, the H-BOMB, John Carter, Van Helsing, even James Bond movies aren't named James Bond. It's an horrible idea. Unless the name really sticks out like 'Dick Tracy' then it's fine. 'Alex Cross', really, I hate the name Alex, it's the poor man's name of the superior version, Axel. Axel Foley. Hmm. Kick ass name. Matthew Fox is on the same level of bad as Tyler Perry. Alex Cross feels like it's suppose to be set in realism. So why in the hell is Matthew Fox parading alone like a villain that just jumped into the movie from a Batman or Spider man comic book. From his dialogue right down to his performance is way over the top. He's also one of those villains in movies where his introduction is so bad ass and extreme to the hell-acious extreme and as the movie goes on, you really find out the guy's persona is so incompetent and contradicting to what your suppose to believe of what he's capable of. I rolled my eyes so many times at the screen that they're now behind my head every time they would do a close up of this guy and he'd pop his eyes to show you that he's crazy. Crazy people don't pop there eyes because they're already crazy!! Then there's Cicely Tyson, who's a very overrated actress of her time and just pissed me off whenever she could. She should've been the real villain in this dog sh*t. What more can I say about Tyler Perry. Nothing. Really. There's nothing to be said that hasn't been said already. Except for his fan base who constantly go to see everything his name is attached to. In the theater, I was so disappointed to see the mob of people in there compared to the small amount to a much better and entertaining movie, Dredd. Lionsgate, I think you guys are a wonderful movie studio that gives a lot of chances to so many filmmakers that most studios wouldn't give, but I implore you to stop this Tyler Perry madness, also if it's not to much to ask stop Twilight as well. Onto the Architect, Rob Cohen, you Bruce Lee travestizing, your lame psychology of The Skulls, you engine starter of Fast and The Furious, loving the last two but the rest sucked, XXX porno loving, F*CKING MUMMY JET LI BASTARD! I find you guilty for your final piece of atrocities known as Alex Cross, saying only as an approval of the chemistry between Cross and his partner. I sentence you and your string of bad movies to death. Courts adjourned.

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