Akira (2013)

Akira set in a neon-lit futuristic post-nuclear war Tokyo in 2019 where a teen biker gang member is subjected to a government experiment which unleashes his latent powers. The gang's leader must find a way to stop the ensuing swathe of destruction. The anime classic originated in 1988 as manga and then was made into an animated film by Katsuhiro Otoma, which is considered by many fans of Japanese animation to be among the finest works in the genre. More »

Comments (12)

  1. Ease_Up

    looking at the main cast it looks like to me this is going to be another whitewashed Hollywood screw-up. i hate when a film takes place in a majority Asian location, but somehow still need to add 2 white main characters instead of making the entire cast umm... i dont know? asian since the film takes places in tokyo

    its unfortunate that hollywood still feels they cant have a hit film with a all minority cast in this day and age (sighs.......)

    8 months agoby @easeupFlag

  2. OhNoNotHer

    Whether it's live action or not, they already screwed up. Kristen Stewart is in it. That girl doesn't know how to display any emotion at all. Ever.

    11 months agoby @OhNoNotHerFlag

  3. King Cureitarugi

    you guys do realize this anime is over 24 years old right? they made this a long ass time ago and they shut down production for a live action years ago.. you guys are hella late

    11 months agoby @King-CureitarugiFlag

  4. Tabetha Bakke

    all I have to say is they better not mess this up love that animea

    1 year agoby @Tabetha-BakkeFlag