'2012' Review By stevedover

Suspend belief and enjoy the massive scale of catastrophe and devastation with fantastic CGI effects
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Ignore the dodgy science. Ignore the implausibility of the events occurring! This film is simply this...an edge of your seat, eye popping, jaw dropping spectacular CGI disaster movie on a massive scale! John Cusack plays the heroic writer / chauffeur protecting his family and piloting (yes piloting) a limousine through a collapsing LA is so beyond anything I have ever seen before, from giant caldera volcano's in Yellowstone to Los Angeles sliding into the Pacific Ocean, Tsunami's a thousand meters tall and cracks into the Earth's molten crust, it's more than biblical it's a CGI smorgasbord and well watch the movie in a darkened room with friends and popcorn washed down with ice-cold beer (assuming you are over 18) and ENJOY!

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