'17 Again' Review By Mini-Man

Matthew Perry and Zach Efron are...GREAT! in 17 Again!
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I went to see this, the day it came out on the 10th and what a great comedy to start the year off, with Friends star, Matthew Perry and High School Musical star, Zach Efron. Which by the way, was a terrible bunch of films...anyway, Great acting, really funny, and has a great energy. Zach Efron really makes this film what it is, Great! (How may times have i said that word now?)

The best bit is when he gives the bully a good old telling off. A must see, for those who loved friends. Like me!

Definitely worth the money to go and see it!

(Although i suppose it could have been a lot better, the way that he turns 17 and how he turns back)

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