16-Love (2012)

16-Love tells the story of 16-year old tennis Ace, Ally Mash (Lindsey Shaw}), who lives and breathes the game until a twisted ankle lands her with hot rookie, Farrell Gambles (Chandler Massey). She makes him a champion, and he shows her what true Love is. More »

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  1. Ease_Up

    this looks like a movie that would be played on Disney channel or ABC Family

    7 months agoby @easeupFlag

  2. Sayshee

    i want to watch this movie but i dont know where to go can you guy help

    1 year agoby @saysheeFlag

  3. Marizy1


    1 year agoby @marizy1Flag

  4. Adam Lipsius

    Check out the trailer on Kickstarter! Type in 16-LOVE

    2 years agoby @Adam-LipsiusFlag