'12 Rounds' Review By Gabe Campbell

Detective Danny Fisher discovers his girlfriend has been kidnapped by a ex-con tied to Fisher's past, and he'll have to successfully complete 12 challenges in order to secure her safe release.
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12 Rounds

So 12 Rounds comes to use from the drector of Die Hard 2 wich is a very under rated action movie because like alaws action sequles are never as good as the first. So I really like John Cena when I watch WWE he was the man and I really like himas an actor. So when I saw the trailer I really wanted to see it. I knew going into this it was not going to be an award winning film or anything like that it is just a fun action movie and that is just what it was.

I loved this movie it was great I loved it more then I thought I would.

Now I loved the story to this movie it really had a great and somtimes intense scenes that were really well thought out. I also love the origin story in this film of how John Cena and Aidan Gillen who plays the antagonist and is really good at it became foes. The acting is really good John Cena is great. I love how John Cena is not just an over the top action hero like Rambo. Aidan Gillen steals the show as the bad guy in this movie. He is just great and you can tell he is having a blast in his role. Ashley Scott did well with the small screen time she had. As fro the rest of the cat the did well to. I love the direction of this movie because it has that Die Hard feel to it wich is great because I love Die Hard. Now the thing I hated about the direction is that the director zooms in on every bodys face to much every second zoom in on face and it pissed me off. I like the visuals because they are real not CGI because you can tell when it is real and when it is not. So with a great action packed ending battle and a outstanding scene in an elevator shaft this is a great and underrated action movie and I hope you enjoy it.

12 Rounds is a knockout and is tons of fun I give it an 8/10 thats 4.0/5.0 stars

Im Gabe Campbell see you next time when I review Fright Night

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