Mila Kunis Says Maybe to Playing Anastasia Steele in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

The ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’ actress is wanted for this coveted lead role in the upcoming adaptation of E.L. James’ erotic bestseller.

Is Mila Kunis interested in taking on Fifty Shades of Grey?
Is Mila Kunis interested in taking on Fifty Shades of Grey?
It has been long rumored that Mila Kunis is wanted for Anastasia Steele in Focus Features' upcoming adaptation of E.L. James' erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey. But is the actress even interested in the coveted role?

Next seen in Oz: The Great and Powerful as the witch Theodora, Kunis appeared on Extra to promote the movie, and was asked directly about taking on the part of Anastasia. Does she want to do it? Her immediate response was quick.


The wishy-washy actress then quickly recants this statement.

"I'm not disinterested..."

It isn't clear if Mila Kunis has even been offered the part. Universal and Focus Features are in the midst of putting the adaptation together. In the book, Anastasia Steele is a 22 years-old college student, while the actress is 30 and clearly long out of school. The story revolves around the erotic relationship between a wealthy business magnate named Christian Grey and Steele, who explores her sexuality for the first time. It seems clear that Mila Kunis isn't really age appropriate for this coveted role, and it will most likely go to a relatively unknown actress.

You can watch the full interview, which features a preview of the upcoming Oz: The Great and Powerful. Be warned though, Mario López gives away a spoiler that Disney has been trying to keep for the past few months. If you want to know the identity of the Wicked Witch before you delve into the mysteries of the movie, then by all means watch.

Fifty Shades of Grey was released February 13th, 2015 and stars Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, Luke Grimes, Jennifer Ehle, Eloise Mumford, Rita Ora, Marcia Gay Harden, Max Martini. The film is directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Sources: Extra

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Comments (22)

  1. Zak Lee Ferguson

    bullsh*t would she go naked and go full sorry but shes not that type of actress....

    2 years agoby @Zak-Lee-FergusonFlag

  2. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    @ejk1@narrator Well, the books are basically based on the two leads of Twilight. The author simple changed the names and tweaked the premise

    2 years agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  3. ejk1

    @narrator But what is the popular consensus? I know many women that have read the books and say they're great, and since the series is very popular, wouldn't that lead one to believe that the popular consensus finds the books worthy? As far as Twilight, I haven't read them, and only watched the first film before saying it wasn't something I was interested in. However, not once have I trashed the series. I recognized it as something that wasn't made with me in mind as the target audience. I know many fans of the books that dislike the films, or say they aren't as good as the books, and I take their word for it. They are far better able to determine the quality of both the novels and the film series that I have largely ignored. As for Fifty, the series has mixed reviews, but popular consensus, particularly of the people that are the target audience, love the series of books. With that said, I don't see how anyone here, especially those of us not in the target audience, can criticize a film series yet to be made, based on a book series that hasn't been read.

    2 years agoby @ejk1Flag

  4. the Narrator

    Hmm, @ejk1. While that sensible advice may apply to most cases where popular opinion about something is split down the middle, such as with the film SideEffects, I don't think that rule justly pertains to this type of situation. Sure, I can't say whether or not I found it to be a piece of crap without first reading it, so any argument I have with someone who HAS read it might as well be invalid. However, if popular consensus is that the source material for this upcoming adaption sucks, I'm not likely to have faith in the project or talk good about the book. Have any of us here read all of the Twilight books? Lol. Because I know we've dished out a ton of sh*t about that franchise over the years. I don't see this as being any different. Oh, and I wasn't trashing the project's ability, so much as stating that it has been received poorly. What I WAS trashing was the fact that it's basically S&M smut.

    2 years agoby @narratorFlag

  5. ejk1

    Alright, I'm not into this, but if you're going to trash it, at least read the damn thing first.

    2 years agoby @ejk1Flag

  6. Dan

    @narrator Exactly.

    2 years agoby @dan1Flag

  7. the Narrator

    @dan1 Mmm, that's true. I haven't read it, but as far as I know there's no lesbian sex with someone of Portman's caliber in the story. That's yet another point off.

    2 years agoby @narratorFlag

  8. Dan

    @kguy@narrator But she wouldn't be having lesbian sex. Key difference there. Unless there is lesbian sex in 50 Shades? (I very much doubt)

    2 years agoby @dan1Flag

  9. the Narrator

    I'm in agreement with @ROFLitschristian and Michael Kolesik. As much as part of me would love to see Kunis or an equally hot starlet strip and f*ck for the camera, because that's essentially what they'd be doing, a larger part of me doesn't want to see that exact same thing. Especially not with something as poorly written as 50 Shades of Grey reportedly is. It's tacky and shameless, and that's what porn is basically for if you're into not having actual sex.

    Then I think back to Black Swan like @kguy said, and my smaller and less moral side almost wins out. Damn male hormones and gorgeous women!

    2 years agoby @narratorFlag

  10. K.Guy

    In my head: (BlackSwanBlackSwanBlackSwan) what I say. She'll do fine :3

    2 years agoby @kguyFlag

  11. Michael Kolesik

    So... they're making an explicit porno with no story, no character development, no thought, and practically a bad sex fan-fiction you would read on the internet that was written by a horny 12-year-old teenager?

    Yeah. I'm so excited for this movie. *shoot myself in the head*

    2 years agoby @Michael-KolesikFlag

  12. ROFLitschristian

    Nah. Her career is as far from the sh*t downed position that would make her have to do something like this.

    However, I'm not opposed to her doing something like this. But I'd rather her do something like this that'll actually be good.

    2 years agoby @ROFLitschristianFlag

  13. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    I can also picture an elevated controversy with the young male audience.

    2 years agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  14. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    Meh, I can actually picture the studios not caring if it gets the XXX rating

    2 years agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  15. ejk1

    After seeing Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, and how far that went, I'm sure a happy medium can be found in this instance.

    2 years agoby @ejk1Flag

  16. justatadmatt

    @dan1 there's a debate they may go R or possibly even NC-17 because it has such a large fan base, they aren't worried about the film not getting mass distribution...

    2 years agoby @justatadmattFlag

  17. Mieko_Siede

    @bawnian-dexeus I can see that

    2 years agoby @mieko-siedeFlag

  18. Dan

    I am torn... Part of me is already fantasizing about a dominatrix Kunis, but at the same time, this will likely be watered down crap skewed toward a female audience, thereby ruining that fantasy.

    F*ck it, the idea is still kinky to me lol.

    2 years agoby @dan1Flag

  19. justatadmatt

    smart move to get guys into this...

    2 years agoby @justatadmattFlag

  20. ChiRep_1

    ..Thumbs up to Mila Kunis

    2 years agoby @ChiRep-1Flag

  21. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    Heh, I can picture her getting the role, then seeing guys buying the book just to see what her character is going to be doing >:)

    2 years agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  22. ejk1

    It would be a big role for her.

    2 years agoby @ejk1Flag

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