‘Men in Black III’ Photos and Details!

Photos of Will Smith and Josh Brolin filming in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, as well as the light bulb-wearing bike riders.

Men in Black III filmed Wednesday night at Relish, a diner in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (which has been closed since July), reports The Brooklyn Paper, which snapped some photos of production. Check out the photos below!

Men in Black III Set Photo #1

Men in Black III Set Photo #2

Men in Black III Set Photo #3

The images reveal Will Smith and Josh Brolin filming a scene at the restaurant, as well as the light bulb-covered bike riders from the previous films.

The paper also revealed that next month, producers will film for a few days inside the Grashorn Building on Coney Island, which is set for demolition.

Men in Black 3 was released May 25th, 2012 and stars Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, Jemaine Clement, Emma Thompson, Michael Stuhlbarg, Mike Colter, Nicole Scherzinger. The film is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld.

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  1. Chris

    me like

    4 years agoby @unknown21Flag

  2. Salem6777

    @incmob oh ok thanks

    4 years agoby @Salem6777Flag

  3. incmob

    I for one am glad Big Willie hasnt lost his mustache for this role yet... just cant get used to him without it. top entertainers that should keep or never have gotten rid of the stache in no particular order...

    2) Sonny bono... (Sorry dude... not pissin on the grave)
    3) Sam Elliot
    4) Chuck Norris (Okay a beard does sort of count)
    5) Will Smith
    6) Cheech Marin
    7) Charles Bronson (Again no disrespect)
    8) Weird Al
    9) Ted Nugent
    10) James Hetfield
    11) Burt Reynolds (Sorry again, not pissing on the... what?... my mistake... not dead yet)

    4 years agoby @incmobFlag

  4. incmob

    @Salem6777 Agent J apparently goes back in time when Agent K was young... Brolin is Agent K in the past,

    4 years agoby @incmobFlag

  5. Salem6777

    wait why is Josh Brolin's K in the same scene as Will Smith i am confused did i miss something?

    4 years agoby @Salem6777Flag

  6. K.Guy

    Can't wait.

    4 years agoby @kguyFlag

  7. CUPID


    4 years agoby @cupidFlag

  8. Salem6777

    i hope this is good

    4 years agoby @Salem6777Flag

  9. m2

    @jptheredskull ha Thank you

    4 years agoby @m2Flag

  10. J.P.

    @m2 www.maxim.com/movies/articles/87831/alice-eve.html

    Your welcome.

    4 years agoby @jptheredskullFlag

  11. m2

    show me a picture of Alice Eve

    4 years agoby @m2Flag

  12. Nautical


    4 years agoby @nautical05Flag

  13. J.P.

    @dan1 Nor would it be an MIB film without that diner and the mandatory scene there.

    4 years agoby @jptheredskullFlag

  14. mosorwvlad

    In the first picture i think Will Smith tells Josh Brolin. You are not Tommy Lee Jones, you jus play him in this movie capisce ?

    4 years agoby @mosorwvladFlag

  15. SomethingMore

    MIB 3D will rock the stage....Triple the Fun

    4 years agoby @SomethingMoreFlag

  16. SomethingMore

    MIB 3D will rock the stage

    4 years agoby @SomethingMoreFlag

  17. Messenger

    I didn't care for the 2nd. Its jokes were just a rehash of the first one.

    4 years agoby @messengerFlag

  18. Dan

    Well it just wouldn't be an MIB movie without the lightbulb bike riders, wouldn't it?

    4 years agoby @dan1Flag

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