Keanu Reeves Wants Werner Herzog to Direct ‘Bill & Ted 3’?

Sequel talks intensify as Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter meet with original writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon to hash out a solid story idea.

Keanu Reeves says Bill & Ted 3 is moving forward
Keanu Reeves says Bill & Ted 3 is moving forward
Earlier this month, we reported that Bill & Ted 3 was still a possibility, with Alex Winter stating he and his co-star Keanu Reeves had been meeting with original series' writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon to come up with a solid storyline. Alex Winter later recanted this news on his personal twitter feed, saying that his comments were taken out of context, and that talk of a Bill & Ted 3 were nothing more than whimsy and rumor.

Now, Keanu Reeves has stepped forward claiming that sequel talks have turned more serious. In a recent interview with MTV, the actor said he and Alex Winter have been meeting with writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon, and that all four are heavily pushing to get Bill & Ted 3 made. He then claimed that he wants Werner Herzog, famous for his work in the 1970s with such movies as Fitzcarraldo and Aguirre: The Wrath of God, not to mention his recent cult neo-classic Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, to come aboard this third movie to direct.

Here is what Keanu Reeves had to say:

"We're trying. Alex Winter and I are still friends and we're talking, and we're talking to Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon. They're going to try and see if they can write something. To me, I'd love to play the role. I'd love to work with Alex and Chris and Ed again. We'll see what they do. If it's a film that can stand up on its own, and I'm meeting people now, they've shown the film to their kids. We just seek to entertain, and if that could be something that could be worthwhile on its own."

When asked what he'd like to see in the third movie, Keanu Reeves mention that he wouldn't mind seeing a 3D black and white movie multi-directed by Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, and Werner Herzog. He then imitated Werner's iconic accent, stating:

"I was just pushed by the idea of this innocence being confronted by the nihilism of the world. I thought that these two clowns could push our perspective of reality and truth to the forefront of meaning and knowledge."

While no storyline has been announced yet, it has long been speculated that the sequel will involve Bill and Ted's children, Little Ted and Little Bill, who would now be the age Bill and Ted were in the first film. There is also speculation that Bill & Ted 3 will pick up with the last line of dialogue heard in Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, which has Cape Canaveral announcing Bill and Ted's historic mission to play a rock show on Mars. Where the first two films dealt with time travel and the afterlife, this third chapter could take place in space, with Little Bill and Little Ted sent to save their long missing fathers, accidentally uniting the galaxy, and visiting the home planet of Station along the way.

Bill & Ted 3 is in development and stars Alex Winter, Keanu Reeves. The film is directed by Dean Parisot.

Sources: MTV Splash Page

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Comments (32)

  1. Cyn

    I love Werner Herzog. His films are like car accidents I can't quite turn away from.

    4 years agoby @cyn-de-harvenFlag

  2. Cyn

    @Courtney - oh hes definitely aged. He's just aged really well, no doubt with a little Hollywood-Botox help. But he looks good for nearly 50, yeah.

    4 years agoby @cyn-de-harvenFlag

  3. WongFu

    iron median, radical dude

    5 years agoby @instead8909Flag

  4. Shadow Of The Day


    5 years agoby @asifFlag

  5. Diaigma

    Someone's suffering Bond withdrawals . . . :P

    5 years agoby @diaigmaFlag

  6. Dan

    @CelluloidDreams Dude, don't worry, another James Bond movie will happen, just give it time. And when it does, I hope they do use Rachel Weisz as the villain.

    5 years agoby @dan1Flag

  7. WongFu

    MGM doesn't have money not Hollywood

    5 years agoby @instead8909Flag

  8. CelluloidDreams

    WHY!?!?! Hollywood has no money $$ for a new Bond film .......but they can make crap like this!?!!?

    5 years agoby @2movieguysFlag

  9. Err

    well i was reluctant until i read the part of visiting the home planet of station.
    now i'm all in.

    5 years agoby @err2005Flag

  10. Courtney O.

    Keanu reeves hasn't aged a bit! wow

    5 years agoby @chickflickFlag

  11. Brian

    @f-ckyou I think that why there's a question mark at the end of the article... no?

    5 years agoby @brianFlag

  12. Courtney O.


    5 years agoby @chickflickFlag

  13. no

    That's the link for the actual interview, as soon as the interviewer mentions the 25th anniversary for Bill & Ted in 2014, Keanu starts joking around. He says "I'll be 49 then. Actually I might even be 50. That'd be amazing. We'll do it in black and white, 3D. 3D black and white Bill & Ted. 4D. We'll have multiple directors, Scorsese, Coppola, Herzog. (both laughing)" Then he imitates Herzog. He doesn't ACTUALLY want Herzog to direct. Really cannot trust Movieweb articles anymore.

    5 years agoby @f-ckyouFlag

  14. Tuffclap

    werner herzog has made some wonderful films, but I have to agree with Jimthar, BL:POCNO was a f*cking travesty. If I were Abel Ferrara, I would have burned herzog's house down for taking such a massive dump on the original. (which btw, herzog claims to have never heard of...yeah, right)

    5 years agoby @tuffclapFlag

  15. ed_wood

    Damn I hope this happens.

    5 years agoby @ed-woodFlag

  16. Solar XI


    5 years agoby @solarxiFlag

  17. Messenger

    Also, I love to see stars (which there aren't many) that will go back and do what made them famous. Most feel that they are passed that, please, you should embrace (sometimes) what made you famous.

    5 years agoby @messengerFlag

  18. Messenger

    I loved Rescue Dawn. I just don't think WH is right for this type of film but a good director can adapt.

    5 years agoby @messengerFlag

  19. The Soylent Green Monkey

    Good Lord. Just because you haven't seen the man's films, doesn't mean he sucks, @jimthar

    5 years agoby @soylentgreen2Flag

  20. B. Alan Orange

    Nope. You're still stupid. Really stupid. I don't think you've seen any Herzog films. To say you looked up Werner's filmography and that the only good movie on it was What Dream May Come, is just plain ignorant on your part, and proves you are an uneducated blowhard.

    5 years agoby @balanorangeFlag

  21. Jimthar

    ****and yes, before you open your mouth again, i know that he didnt direct WDMC.

    5 years agoby @jimtharFlag

  22. Jimthar

    well gee.....lets see.... i read the article and it said that werner herzog directed bad lieutennant, and hey, he did! and my point is that that movie SUCKED and he shouldn't be the guy to direct THIS movie. my point seems pretty f*cking simple you asswipe. i even looked up his filmography and hey, guess what, there's nothing good on it! the only movie on there that was of any merit was WHAT DREAMS MAY COME. now i know you may be a huge fan of his other movies, such as, WERNER HERZOG EATS HIS SHOE(yes that is a real movie) but do me a favor, f*ck off and try to think a little bit before you come on here and try to 'educate me' about mr herzog ok? because you obviously missed the point of my last comment which was......PAY ATTENTION NOW!!.........that they need to get a seasoned comedy director to do this movie so that it may actually be funny. not the guy whose last movie sucked ass. you dont want someone coming in and directing a good script BADLY and having the movie turn out to be bad. hence the reason i think a good comedy director is the right choice.
    get it now dickface??? is it clicking yet??? if you dont like other peoples opinions then maybe you shouldn't be on a message board reading them, you jerkoff.

    5 years agoby @jimtharFlag

  23. Andrew Kosarko

    Movie Web... please stop going all tabloid with your news headlines. Yeesh.

    5 years agoby @andrew-kosarkoFlag

  24. B. Alan Orange

    Uh, Jimthar? You are a f*cking idiot. Learn who Werner Herzog is before going on about Bad Lieutenant.

    5 years agoby @balanorangeFlag

  25. Squintan


    However, no matter how they do it, it won't be the same without George Carlin. :(

    5 years agoby @sara-quintanaFlag

  26. Photoman

    Big Yes !!!

    5 years agoby @photomanFlag

  27. DoubleR0522


    5 years agoby @doubler0522Flag

  28. Jimthar

    ok BL:POCNO was not a very good movie at all, and i really dont think anyone, other than the guy that wrote this article, thinks its a 'classic' of any kind. i mean it was not a very good movie, despite all the starpower that was in it.
    so with that in mind, i'm not so sure that i'd want the director of that movie to be the one to bring my franchise back to life. he already screwed it up with the BL franchise so i dont know what makes keanu think he'll do better with this one. now i'm all for another B&T movie, i just think they need to get a better director, one thats known for comedy. i say somebody like walt becker or danny leiner or someone like that.

    5 years agoby @jimtharFlag

  29. MCPeterman

    Unfortunatley, George Carlin will not be in it...

    5 years agoby @mcpetermanFlag

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