John Lithgow and Freida Pinto Join ‘Rise of the Apes’

This prequel to ‘Planet of the Apes’ shoots next month.

John Lithgow and Freida Pinto are set for Rise of the Apes
John Lithgow and Freida Pinto are set for Rise of the Apes
In a story from Variety, Freida Pinto (Slumdog Millionaire) and John Lithgow have joined Rise of the Apes for 20th Century Fox. This film is a prequel to Planet of the Apes.

John Lithgow will be playing the father of James Franco's character. Pinto will play the part of Caroline, a primatologist.

Chernin Entertainment is producing this prequel. Peter Jackson's WETA digital is going to create photo-realistic apes, instead of costumed actors, for the first time in the franchise.

Rise of the Apes is an origin story in the truest sense of the term. Set in present day San Francisco, the film is a reality-based cautionary tale, a science fiction/science fact blend, where man's own experiments with genetic engineering lead to the development of intelligence in apes and the onset of a war for supremacy.

Franco is going to play a scientist who becomes a central figure in the war between humans and the apes. Rise of the Apes will shoot next month and then hit theaters June 24, 2011.

The script was written by Amanda Silver and Rick Jaffa.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes was released August 5th, 2011 and stars James Franco, Freida Pinto, John Lithgow, Brian Cox, Tom Felton, David Oyelowo, Tyler Labine, Jamie Harris. The film is directed by Rupert Wyatt.

Sources: Variety

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Comments (8)

  1. Vanboy

    In this movie, Franco's character will have to go on a famous TV show to win a million bananas and his freedom from the apes and then run away with Pinto, to live happily ever after.

    5 years agoby @vanboyFlag

  2. Err

    i still haven't seen the escapist but i hear good things.
    i'm not super-psyched about another talking monkey movie but i'm not going to sit here and pretend i won't watch it some day.

    5 years agoby @err2005Flag

  3. TheNewDrug89

    The cast is really great for this, but i wonder if they are going to continue to make like a new trilogy of origin movies from this one. The only reason i say this is b/c i seriously doubt that they are going to show everything from present time to when the apes actually are running the earth. I think it would feel too rushed if they tried to do that. I'll still check it out tho.

    5 years agoby @thenewdrug89Flag

  4. WongFu

    Once this is done what then.

    5 years agoby @instead8909Flag

  5. Robertswww

    The story sounds like they have laid a good framework and premise for the prequel. I hope the CGI apes look believable as well.

    5 years agoby @robertswwwFlag

  6. Bane5000

    this cast is getting to be great, john lithgow is the man, loved him on 3rd rock from the sun and he owned dexter this past season, im sure this movie will redeem the apes series by exploring the deeper and darker side of genetics and how the apes came to be and see franco handle being the center figure of the war...

    is it official with don cheadle yet?

    5 years agoby @bane5000Flag

  7. Dan

    Pinto is gorgeous. Love John Lithgow, too, he's a great character actor. Recently watched him tear it up on season 4 of Dexter :)

    5 years agoby @dan1Flag

  8. Cripple

    Liking the casting so far of this one. Hope this turns out well.

    5 years agoby @crippleFlag

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