John Leguizamo and Lynn Colins Join 'The Man on Carrion Road'

James Belushi, Patrick Wilson and Ian McShane co-star in this drama about a retired lawman and a new sheriff investigating a drug deal gone bad.

John Leguizamo, Lynn Collins and James Belushi have signed on to star in The Man on Carrion Road.

The story follows a sheriff (Patrick Wilson) who teams up with his predecessor (Ian McShane) to investigate a drug deal gone bad, in order to stop a sadistic drug cartel butcher (John Leguizamo), who has been brutalizing the town's residents. No details were given for Lynn Collins and James Belushi's characters.

Gonzalo López-Gallego (Open Grave, Apollo 18) is directing from a script by Nils Lyew. William Green, Aaron Ginsburg and Andy Horwitz are producing for Atlas Independent, an affiliate of Charles Roven's Atlas Entertainment. Shooting is scheduled to begin on April 14.

John Leguizamo most recently starred in the hit comedy Ride Along, and he also lends his voice to the upcoming animated sequel Rio 2. Lynn Collins is best known for her role in John Carter, and James Belushi will next be seen in Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return.

The Man on Carrion Road comes to theaters in 2015 and stars Patrick Wilson, Ian McShane, John Leguizamo, Lynn Collins, James Belushi. The film is directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego.

Sources: Variety

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