John Cusack Joins ‘The Numbers Station’

The actor will portray a former black ops agent who must protect a CIA code operator at a desolate Nevada outpost.

John Cusack will star in The Numbers Station
John Cusack will star in The Numbers Station
John Cusack will star in The Numbers Station for Furst Films and Matador Pictures. We first reported on this project last September, when Malin Akerman joined the cast. That report also indicated Ethan Hawke was starring, although it seems he has dropped out since then.

The story centers on a former black ops agent who lands a dead-end job protecting a CIA code operative in a Nevada desert station. They must fight for survival when the station comes under attack by unknown forces. John Cusack is playing the disgraced black ops agent, while Malin Akerman will portray the code operative.

Kasper Barfoed is directing The Numbers Station from a script by F. Scott Frazier. Sean Furst and Bryan Furst are producing for Furst Films, and Nigel Thomas will produce for Matador Pictures.

Production is scheduled to begin in mid-November.

The Numbers Station was released April 26th, 2013 and stars Malin Akerman, John Cusack, Liam Cunningham, Hannah Murray, Lucy Griffiths, Bryan Dick, Richard Brake, Joey Ansah. The film is directed by Kasper Barfoed.

Sources: Variety

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