James Marsden Wants to Return as Cyclops in 'X-Men: Apocalypse'

The actor wasn't asked to return for 'Days of Future Past', but champions the new film and the return of director Bryan Singer.

When X-Men first debuted in 2000, a lot of fans had the biggest problem with James Marsden as Cyclops. Maybe he was too young. Maybe he was too pretty. But now that time has passed, 14 years to be exact, most fans have a strong affinity for his performance, which has only gotten better with age. By 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand, the actor owned the character of Scott Summers, and just as many fans who hated his appearance in the original movie were now disappointed to hear that he wouldn't be returning for this summer's X-Men: Days of Future Past. Especially since his diverse career turns since 2000 have pulled in a variety of different fans across genre spectrums.

But maybe he won't stay gone for long. Asked if he was going to return in X-Men: Apocalypse or any of the other impending sequels or spin-offs, James Marsden admits that he'd like to reprise his role as Scott Summers in some capacity, somewhere down the road. He has no ill will towards the X-Men: Days of Future Past filmmakers, and is as excited as any fan to see this next chapter. He also champions the return of Bryan Singer to the franchise.

Here's what he had to say:

"I've always been very proud of my role and it's out of my hands. It's nice to see Bryan [Singer] go back in and turn the boat a little bit. I'm happy for those that made it back. I'd like to. I get excited watching the trailers because I'm excited for the continuance of the X-Men world. I'm a fan of X-Men and I know it'll be a kick ass movie."

He was also asked the difference between making a Marvel movie in 2000, when they were fairy uncommon, compared to now, when one comes out almost every other month.

"I loved being a part of those movies. It was a great group of people. It was rare to get fans excited for a comic book movie, and do well at the box office with films that critics loved, too. I mean nobody doesn't like them."

In X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Tim Pocock played a young Scott Summers, so we know the role isn't completely sacred.

If Fox does decide to bring Cyclops back in X-Men: Apocalypse or a future spin-off, do you want to see James Marsden reprise the role? Or is it time to cast someone new? There are still three unconfirmed X-Men: Days of Future Past cameos. Maybe James Marsden is returning as Cyclops sooner than we think.

X-Men: Apocalypse comes to theaters May 27th, 2016. The film is directed by Bryan Singer.

Sources: Crave Online

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Comments (13)

  1. Jeshua

    he&#180s the real first x-man

    5 months agoby @jeshuaFlag

  2. Dfella504

    without question....

    6 months agoby @dfellaFlag

  3. Klaux

    @dfella i agree also. Cyclops is one of the most effective X-Men. This character should have been respected a little more.

    6 months agoby @KlauxFlag

  4. Writer220

    @dfella i agree with u.
    On a side note, James would fair better with Marvel/Disney.

    6 months agoby @writer220Flag

  5. Dfella504

    some of u r tru dick heads...i see, cyclops is the x-men leader he deserves to b in x-men apolcaypse

    6 months agoby @dfellaFlag

  6. Michael Kolesik

    Yeah, good luck with that.
    The *ssholes that write these movies won't even bring back Nightcrawler.
    Sorry buddy, you have NO chance.

    6 months agoby @Michael-KolesikFlag

  7. kingbrady

    so he interested NOW, because they have serious marketing behind this and ppl are getting paid lol....however he does have a young face

    6 months agoby @kingbradyFlag

  8. Josh

    Apocalypse is going to be set in the 1980s, so it wouldn't really make sense for Marsden to play Cyclops, given that he's now very obviously older than when that character first appeared in 2000.

    6 months agoby @shuabertFlag

  9. G Irish

    Couldn't stand his character, was never a fan of Cyclopes. So no interest in him coming back.

    6 months agoby @girishmanFlag

  10. Dr-Devious

    honestly...who cares

    6 months agoby @Dr-DeviousFlag

  11. Bane5000

    If they are planning to use the Age of Apocalypse storyline a bit for the next film and the future somehow get affected by DOFP, than just bring back Cyclops for the future timeline as one of Apocalypse's henchmen like in the comic book?

    6 months agoby @bane5000Flag

  12. Bellandedward1

    Bring Cyclopse Back at some point in the other films to come

    6 months agoby @bellandedward1Flag

  13. Erikajinx

    I would want cyclops to return but get someone new and have James cameo as an older version since they are going to focus on the younger cast in the next x-men

    6 months agoby @ErikajinxFlag