James Bond Actors Will Not Unite for the ‘85th Annual Academy Awards’ 007 Tribue

Producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron reveal that they have something very unique in store for James Bond fans at this year’s Oscar telecast.

The 85th Academy Awards is not bringing back every James Bond actor
The 85th Academy Awards is not bringing back every James Bond actor
Back in January, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that the 85th Annual Academy Awards will feature a tribute to James Bond, in honor of the franchise's 50th anniversary. While no specific details were released, many have speculated that Oscar producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron planned on getting every actor who portrayed 007 together on the Oscar stage. The producers recently shot down this rumor, but revealed their tribute will be quite unique.

"It's something else, something very unique and very exciting but no, we're not getting the Bonds together."

The latest James Bond adventure, Skyfall, is up for five Oscars this year, including Best Original Song. We reported last month that Adele will perform her Oscar-nominated song at the awards ceremony.

The telecast will also feature a tribute to the critically-acclaimed musicals of the past 10 years, including Chicago and this year's Best Picture nominee Les Miserables.

Seth MacFarlane hosts this year's Academy Awards ceremony, which airs Sunday, February 24 on ABC.

The Academy Awards episode 61.1, "The 85th Annual Academy Awards" stars Seth MacFarlane} and is directed by Don Mischer}.

Sources: Deadline
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    Sean Connery appearing would've blown everyone away considering he retired a decade ago.

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