‘Iron Man 3’ Casting Call Reveals Scarlett Johansson Will Return as Black Widow

Actors Don Cheadle and Gwyneth Paltrow will also return as Jim Rhodes and Pepper Potts in director Shane Black’s superhero sequel.

Scarlett Johansson will return as The Black Widow in Iron Man 3
Scarlett Johansson will return as The Black Widow in Iron Man 3
Marvel Studios is getting ready to start production on Iron Man 3, which starts shooting this May in Wilmington, North Carolina. A new casting call has been released, which reveals Scarlett Johansson will return as Black Widow, Gwyneth Paltrow reprises her Pepper Potts role, and Don Cheadle is back as Jim Rhodes in Iron Man 3. Take a look at this excerpt from the casting call.

"Principal actor auditions and extras casting registration is underway for the Walt Disney Studios/Marvel Studios superhero feature film Iron Man 3. Shooting will take place in the Wilmington, NC area and other locations in North Carolina from May 21, 2012 through September 7, 2012. The film's main stars are being cast out of Los Angeles, however many supporting and day player acting roles will be cast in North Carolina. All of the extras, photo-doubles and stand-ins for the films stars will be cast in North Carolina. The production will create 550 "high-quality, well-paying jobs" and 1,000 talent opportunities in N.C.

Two-time Academy Award nominated Robert Downey Jr. will reprise his roles as as Tony Stark, an industrialist and master engineer who builds a powered exoskeleton and becomes the technologically advanced superhero, Iron Man. Scarlett Johansson will return from Iron Man 2 playing Natasha Romanoff aka "The Black Widow", and Gwyneth Paltrow plays Stark's closest friend, love interest, and business partner Pepper Potts. Don Cheadle, who replaced Terrence Howard after the first Iron Man, returns as Lt. Colonel James "Rhodey" Rhodes - Stark's personal pilot, chief aviation engineer for Stark International, and one of Stark's closest friends.

Multi talented actor, screenwriter and film director Shane Black is taking over the directing duties from Jon Favreau, who directed the first two films in the Iron Man series. Black also is writing the screenplay for Iron Man 3 with Drew Pearce and Robert Downey Jr.'s creative input. He recently said not to expect Iron Man 3 to feature any other heroes from Marvel's universe saying that after The Avengers the plan is to go back to self-contained single-character stories. Shane Black has directed Robert Downey Jr. before - in Black's last feature film directing job Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang in 2005.

Louis D'Esposito will executive produce for Marvel Studios. Former president and chairman of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, will also executive produce along with Golden Globe Award nominated independent producer Charles Newirth. Avi Arad will produce the film under the banner of his company "Avi Arad Productions". Arad has served as producer or executive producer on every Marvel film since 1998's Blade. He is former CEO and the founder of Marvel Studios."

The casting call also offers a brief story rundown which indicates Tony Stark will be battling "real world villains" in Iron Man 3.

"In this third installment of the Marvel Studios' film adaptations of Iron Man, the storyline is being described by writer-director Shane Black as being a Tom Clancy-thriller, with Iron Man fighting real world villains. Black stated, 'the studio wasn't happy with the result of Iron Man 2, as a result that pretty much came about due to a rushed production schedule in an attempt to hit a release date rather than simply make a good film, but I digress. Iron Man 3 will not be another, 'two men in iron suits fighting each other.'"

Click Here! to read the full casting call, which includes information on how to submit materials to be a part of this Marvel Studios sequel.

Iron Man 3 was released May 3rd, 2013 and stars Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Jon Favreau, Ben Kingsley, James Badge Dale. The film is directed by Shane Black.

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Comments (54)

  1. CBF

    MW you were wrong again. ScarJo is not in Iron Man 3.

    2 years agoby @comicbookfanFlag

  2. CBF

    I didn't think Iron Man 2 was what they said it was. I thought it was just as good as Iron Man. I just love the sequel. So that pains me to hear they thought it was just 'two men in iron suits fighting each other.' 2 was way more than that. I know Iron Man 3 will be good (and hopefully not fall into the trilogy curse), but they shouldn't scale it back if anything. Johansson's arc was great as Romanoff in 2, and so was Cheadle's as Rhodes. Hope they just don't slow down the pacing because 2 set a high bar.

    3 years agoby @comicbookfanFlag

  3. Sean

    @ghostman I realized after i said that, that i was actually wrong about that. I do think Terrence Howard played a better role as Rhodes than Cheadle did. I was under the impression when watching Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2, that he just didn't even want to be there. He seemed to have a bit of an up-tight attitude while playing his part as Rhodes in Iron Man 2. Terrence Howard on the other hand seemed to enjoy every moment of it while playing that same part in Iron Man.

    3 years agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  4. Ghostman

    @themoviefanatic How can you agree with my statement "Terence Howard played a better role as Rhodes than Cheadle did" when you agreed with @corey who said "Howard is a sh*tty, sh*tty actor anyhow. Cheadle on the other hand is a great one." Does that make sense to you?

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  5. Sean

    @ghostman I completely agree.

    3 years agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  6. Ghostman

    @themoviefanatic Exactly, I just couldn't feel his performance in Iron Man 2. That's why i think Terence Howard played a better role as Rhodes than Cheadle did.

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  7. Sean

    @ghostman Yeah, there was something about Terrence Howard in Iron Man, that i just didn't see in Iron Man 2 with Don Cheadle. I was under the impression that Don Cheadle didn't even want to be there in the movie, when on the other hand Terrence Howard was enjoying every moment being in the first Iron Man movie.

    3 years agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  8. Sean

    @corey Oh :P .

    3 years agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  9. Ghostman

    @themoviefanatic I think that Terrence Howard had better chemistry on screen with RDJ; because I didn't see any chemistry between Cheadle and Downey Jr in Iron Man 2 don't you agree?

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  10. Corey W.

    @themoviefanatic He's never seen anything outside the seas or the Marvel/DC Universe.

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  11. Sean

    @ghostman I've seen the movie called Volcano.

    3 years agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  12. Sean

    @ghostman I don't agree with everything @corey says, that was just one post that i happened to agree with him on something he said.

    3 years agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  13. Ghostman

    @themoviefanatic You've never seen Hamburger Hill, Mission to Mars, Volcano, Crash, Ocean's 11, 12 and 13, or Hotel Rwanda?

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  14. Corey W.

    @ghostman Thats kind of what I figured. lol

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  15. Ghostman

    @bawnian-dexeus Haha I know you mean ;) @corey it's about Sean's reply how he noticed the difference between Howard and Cheadle basically agreeing with whatever you say.

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  16. Corey W.

    @bawnian-dexeus haha okay weirdo :P lol

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  17. Bawnian©-Dexeus

    @corey Nothing... absolutely nothing.

    3 years agoby @bawnian-dexeusFlag

  18. Corey W.

    @bawnian-dexeus sure what? lol

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  19. Sean

    @corey Yeah, i see what you mean. I just now watched a little bit of Iron Man on Blu-ray and then i watch a little bit of Iron Man 2, meaning the scenes that Don Cheadle is in, in Iron Man 2 and the scenes that Terrence Howard is in, in Iron Man and i think i see now what you mean about Howard being a sh*tty actor.

    3 years agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  20. Corey W.

    @themoviefanatic 100 percent. We never saw Howard as War Machine anyway. Howard is a sh*tty, sh*tty actor anyhow. Cheadle on the other hand is a great one.

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  21. Sean

    @ghostman I guess i just wasn't too familiar with who Don Cheadle was before he was in Iron Man 2, because i wasn't too familiar with the movies he had starred in before he was in Iron Man 2.

    3 years agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  22. Sean

    @ghostman Good point about ScarJo.

    3 years agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  23. Sean

    @corey You think Don Cheadle is better at playing the role of War Machine/J.Rhodes than Terrence Howard is at playing the role as War Machine/J.Rhodes?

    3 years agoby @themoviefanaticFlag

  24. RogueVadr6

    I'm liking this a lot!

    3 years agoby @RogueVadr6Flag

  25. ZenTTox


    3 years agoby @zenttoxFlag

  26. Ghostman

    @themoviefanatic If you didn't know who Don Cheadle was before Iron Man 2 you need to open up your horizons and see more movies that aren't summer blockbusters and/or feature huge A-List stars.

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  27. Ghostman

    @themoviefanatic@jasonkat Dont; worry guys she won't be replaced ScarJo has already been in two movies and if they do get a diff actress (which they won't) it'll be like replacing Chris Evans as Capt. America for a Captain America sequel.

    3 years agoby @ghostmanFlag

  28. Corey W.

    @themoviefanatic I just think bringing Howard back would be stupid. Cheadle does the role just fine enough where in some cases he's even stronger in the role.

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  29. SpaceCowboy

    Well... DUH!

    3 years agoby @SpaceCowboyFlag

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