‘I, Frankenstein’: Watch the First Clip with Aaron Eckhart and Miranda Otto

Adam Frankenstein warns Leonore about Naberius’ plan to create an undead army. Stuart Beattie’s graphic novel adaptation hits theaters January 24.

Adam Frankenstein (Aaron Eckhart) tries to warn Leonore (Miranda Otto) about the evil Naberius' (Bill Nighy) in the first clip from I, Frankenstein. Jai Courtney is also featured in this scene as Gideon, as he and Leonore learn about the undead army Naberius is creating. Check out the latest scene from director Stuart Beattie's adaptation of Kevin Grevioux's graphic novel, in theaters January 24.

I, Frankenstein was released January 24th, 2014 and stars Aaron Eckhart, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Bill Nighy, Jai Courtney, Socratis Otto, Aden Young, Caitlin Stasey. The film is directed by Stuart Beattie.

Sources: Cine UniVision

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  1. undeadslayer4

    @skywise were just gonna have to wait and see

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    I wait for this to get on redbox.

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  3. LuxoIII

    Man, this looks terrible.

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  4. skywise

    ugh this is not looking good at all.

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