‘House of Cards’ Lands at Netflix

The video rental and streaming powerhouse makes its first venture into original programming with a 26-episode order for the David Fincher project.

David Fincher's House of Cards goes to Netflix
David Fincher's House of Cards goes to Netflix
After dominating the DVD rental and online video streaming markets, Netflix is now making a bold move into original programming, by acquiring the new TV project House of Cards. We reported just a few weeks ago that David Fincher will direct the pilot episode.

Netflix apparently beat out several cable networks such as AMC and HBO for the rights to the series, and they may have even circumvented the entire pilot process as well. Netflix is already offering a 26-episode commitment for the show, which would break down into two seasons. Although the deal is still being finalized, it could be worth up to $100 million if Netflix sticks with its 26-episode order.

Kevin Spacey is the only cast member to sign on to star at this time. He will also executive produce alsongside Dana Brunetti, David Fincher, Eric Roth, and Joshua Donen.

Beau Willimon (The Ides of March) wrote the pilot script, which is based on the 1990 British mini-series House of Cards. While that show examined the Parliament system, this new program will focus on the American government system.

Going straight to series and forgoing the pilot system recently worked out for AMC with its hit horror series The Walking Dead, although such a tactic is still considered rare these days.

Sources: Deadline

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