‘Hop’ Trailer

Russell Brand and Kaley Cuoco star in this family comedy about a man who accidentally runs over the Easter Bunny and has to save Easter.

Moviefone has debuted the first trailer for the upcoming Easter comedy Hop, which will be released in theaters nationwide on April 1. Click on the video player below to catch a glimpse of this new family movie starring Russell Brand, James Marsden and Kaley Cuoco:

The live-action/CGI family comedy revolves around an out-of-work slacker who runs over the Easter Bunny (Russell Brand) while driving home late. Since the bunny can't hop with a broken leg, the slacker is pressed into duty to save Easter. The film becomes a two-hander between the iconic holiday critter and the slacker, each of whom is running from adulthood.

Hop was released April 1st, 2011 and stars James Marsden, Russell Brand, Kaley Cuoco, Hank Azaria, Gary Cole, Elizabeth Perkins, Hugh Laurie, Tiffany Espensen. The film is directed by Tim Hill.

Sources: Moviefone

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Comments (20)

  1. Jakn

    WTF????!!!!! lol

    4 years agoby @jaknFlag

  2. CelluloidDreams

    DAMN!! Did they have to choose the most annoying music on the planet to go with the trialer!????

    The music alone turns me off!! I had to turn the trailer off! Hate this song!

    4 years agoby @2movieguysFlag

  3. Shinjiikari1984

    wait til they show more did anyone read(or can you)

    4 years agoby @shinjiikari1984Flag

  4. The Soylent Green Monkey

    Mmkay. Not for me.

    4 years agoby @soylentgreen2Flag

  5. Cartman

    This looks good, all the people who talk crap will regret later!!

    4 years agoby @c-a-r-t-m-a-nFlag

  6. Lethal2damax

    Still looks better than another alvin and the chipmunks

    4 years agoby @lethal2damaxFlag

  7. RocknRolla

    Well I loved Desp*cable Me & this is going to be from the same people plus I love Russell Brand so it should be funny.

    4 years agoby @rocknrollaFlag

  8. Cripple

    The f*ck was that? They just slaughtered Song 2 by Blur. Not seeing this.

    4 years agoby @crippleFlag

  9. Wichy

    Really? Really? :{ What a waste....

    4 years agoby @wichitagalzlFlag

  10. thedarkknight12

    hate the trailer, love the tagline:candy, chicks and rock 'n roll

    4 years agoby @thedarkknight12Flag

  11. moviegeek

    . . . There's a minute and a half of my life I'm not getting back.

    4 years agoby @moviegeekFlag

  12. Dan

    Some bullsh*t right there...

    4 years agoby @dan1Flag

  13. The Boondock Saint

    .................how does that have ANYTHING to do with the actual movie? looks like some stupid sh*t......

    4 years agoby @combatmadness360Flag

  14. Daveactor7

    @Monkey smack urself

    4 years agoby @daveactor7Flag

  15. Monkeyiron 2.0

    This mite be good put a little of Imagination, some good cgi, and alot of Rock 'n' rol and this mite be a hit

    4 years agoby @Monkey-ironFlag

  16. Daveactor7

    Epic facepalm

    4 years agoby @daveactor7Flag

  17. MovieFreakDigital

    Wow, that was umm..the WORST teaser trailer I've ever seen. FAIL!

    4 years agoby @inhighdefFlag

  18. K.Guy


    4 years agoby @kguyFlag

  19. Diaigma


    4 years agoby @diaigmaFlag

  20. fanboy

    looks lame

    4 years agoby @fanboyFlag

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