‘Hellified’ Gets Writer Michael Finch

Paramount Pictures’ supernatural action project follows a group of criminals who travel to hell to prevent the apocalypse.

Hellified gets writer Michael Finch
Hellified gets writer Michael Finch
Paramount Pictures has hired writer Michael Finch to pen their supernatural action project Hellified.

The action film will follow a group of criminals, who take a trip to Hell to stop an apocalyptic event from destroying the universe. Andy Burg wrote the original script, which was picked up by the studio back in 2009.

Dan Bradley was attached to direct, but recently lost interest. The studio has begun it's search for a new helmer. Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian will be producing.

Michael Finch is best known for writing Predators. No production schedule has been released.

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    Sounds like a comedy

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