Harrison Ford Photos from The Set of ‘Anchorman: The Legend Continues’

The actor is playing a legendary news anchor in this comedy sequel starring Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy.

The first photos have arrived from the set of Anchorman: The Legend Continues, and they reveal a look at Harrison Ford as a legendary new anchor who struggles alongside Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) and his Channel 4 news team as they embark on a new adventure in the 24 hour news cycle perpetuated by cable television. We also get a look at Christina Applegate returning as Veronica Corningstone. What do you think? Is this everything you've been hoping for?

By request, these photos have been removed.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues was released December 18th, 2013 and stars Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, Christina Applegate, Meagan Good, James Marsden, Josh Lawson. The film is directed by Adam McKay.

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Comments (8)

  1. Upsmann44

    @ROFLitschristian He has done a few comedic roles already, like Hollywood Homicide, Six Days and Seven Nights, and you should see The Frisco Kid. He can do anything!

    2 years agoby @upsmann44Flag

  2. ROFLitschristian

    Harrison Ford in a comedy? This I've got to see.

    2 years agoby @ROFLitschristianFlag

  3. CBF

    "This burrito is disgusting." (tosses out window in Jack Black's face)

    "Um yes, hello? Yes. This is your doctor calling... I have some bad news. You're pregnant. You might want to quit your job."

    2 years agoby @comicbookfanFlag

  4. CBF

    Nice this is going to be so funny. Ferrell had lost his comedic style after Talladega Nights so maybe he truly needed the likes of Paul Rudd & Luke Wilson to get back to his roots. Because A., that's a great comedic team, and B., Ron Burgundy is one of his better characters, and C., having the original actors back and not recasting means the same talent from the first will be there, in order to bring us more laughs based on the same subject matter. I seriously can't wait. Even Christina Applegate is back and she plays really well against Ferrell's Burgundy. I heavily enjoyed Will Ferrell's earlier movies and comedy but after Talladega Nights his comedy dried up and became stupid to me. I always felt like he needed to take it back to form for at least one last hoorah or he'd be washed up forever in my eyes. This is gonna be it, I can feel it.

    2 years agoby @comicbookfanFlag

  5. justatadmatt

    @raoulduke33 "i thought it was a joke! i even wrote it in my diary...'Veronica had a very funny joke today!'...I laughed at it later THAT NIGHT!"

    2 years agoby @justatadmattFlag

  6. Raoul Duke

    "He's gonna put Corningstone on!"

    2 years agoby @raoulduke33Flag

  7. ChiRep_1

    Those two are gonna have some great chemistry

    2 years agoby @ChiRep-1Flag

  8. ejk1

    Harrison Ford can do whatever he wants to do.

    2 years agoby @ejk1Flag

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