‘Green Lantern: First Flight’ Gets a New Release Date

DC’s cosmic ring-slinging hero will come to DVD and Blu-ray players on July 28, 2009.

Green Lantern: First Flight, the latest film in Warner Premiere's line of DC Universe Animated Original PG-13 movies has had it's release date shifted to July 28, 2009. Green Lantern: First Flight will be the first ever full-length animated film starring Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and will be available as a special edition 2-disc version on DVD and Blu-Ray, as well as a single disc DVD.

Green Lantern: First Flight

Green Lantern: First Flight stars Christopher Meloni (L&OSVU) as Hal Jordan, and also includes Victor Garber, Tricia Helfer and Michael Madsen. Produced by animation legend Bruce Timm, Green Lantern: First Flight is directed by Lauren Montgomery, who also directed the critically acclaimed Wonder Woman, and scripted by Alan Burnett.

In Green Lantern: First Flight has Hal Jordan becoming the newest recruit of the Green Lantern Corps, and put under the watchful eye of veteran Lantern Sinestro. Jordan eventually discovers that the man he has trusted to mentor him is actually the leader of a conspiracy that threatens everything central to the beliefs and ideals of the Green Lantern Corps. Hal finds himself forced to master his new powers and abilities, and lead the loyal members of the Lantern Corps against those traitors who represent a threat to the Lantern's mission of maintaining order in the universe.

The Green Lantern: First Flight 2 Disc Special Edition and Blu-ray versions will include over three hours of bonus features, and also include a Digital Copy Download.

Green Lantern: First Flight was released July 28th, 2009 and stars Christopher Meloni, Victor Garber, Tricia Helfer, Michael Madsen, John Larroquette, Kurtwood Smith, Larry Drake, William Schallert. The film is directed by Lauren Montgomery.

Sources: Warner Home Video

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Comments (2)

  1. CBF

    July 28th I'm there!

    Warner Premiere should really think about NOT including Digital Copies though.

    6 years agoby @comicbookfanFlag

  2. Twisted Smile

    Man, I can't wait for this one!

    6 years agoby @twistedsmileFlag

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