Four ‘General Education’ Character Trailers

Seth Cassell, Peter S. Williams, Bobby Campo, and Mercedes Masohn’s characters are put on display in this high school comedy.

Well Go USA has released four character trailers for General Education, currently playing in limited release, VOD formats and expanding to Columbus, Dallas, Tuscon, and Seattle theaters this weekend. These new videos shed some light on four characters in this high school comedy: Shady Nick (Seth Cassell), Opie Parker (Peter S. Williams), Brian Collins (Bobby Campo), and Bebe Simmons (Mercedes Masöhn). Check out these trailers, and Click Here! for more information on where you can see this movie.

General Education was released August 24th, 2012 and stars Chris Sheffield, Maiara Walsh, Sam Ayers, Skylan Brooks, Bobby Campo, Seth Cassell, Federico Dordei, Janeane Garofalo. The film is directed by Tom Morris.

Sources: Well Go USA

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    also does not look good... why can comedies never be great films anymore!

    3 years agoby @mcleve02Flag

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