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  • 3 years ago
  • In my neck of the woods, the Pacific Northwest, we have our very own Comic-Con. ECCC to be exact, and while I thought last year was packed full of high-profile guests (it was! Prob the best year yet), this year has some big names on the list too. It's in Seattle, WA, for 3 days only between March 30, 31, and April 1 this year. Here are some of the guests that I'm most excited for.

    Ed Brubaker
    Kurt Busiek
    CB Cebulski
    Terry and Rachel Dodson
    Georges Jeanty
    Greg Rucka
    Tim Sale
    Marc Silvestri
    Dan Slott
    Scott Wegener
    Christopher Yost

    Bruce Timm
    Alan Burnett
    Ed Harris (First-time appearance anywhere, Hanna Barbera animator)
    John DiMaggio
    Rob Paulsen

    Adam Baldwin
    Tom Felton
    Laurie Holden
    Summer Glau
    Katee Sackhoff
    Christopher Lloyd
    George Takei
    Wil Wheaton

    This is just a taste. Go to emeraldcitycomicon dot com for the rest of the list or look them up on Facebook. There's a ton of things going on there this year, and I can't wait. This year marks the 10th anniversary, so they are bringing in gaming. Last year they had a Star Trek and Buffy panel, since they had William Shatner and some TNG actors, including Wil Wheaton. Can't believe Tim Sale and Ed Brubaker and Bruce Timm are all coming back from last year. Gonna be a blast!

    Any of you guys have Comic-Con's in your area? Or you just go to the big one, SDCC?
    The Comic Book Dude
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