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  • 2 years ago
  • I was inspired by Gallagher's news article.

    This may be overkill, but I'm curious to see which movies you thought were the most overrated of the year. You know that film that critics were going crazy over or your friends couldn't stop talking about, that really wasn't that great when you watched it?

    Post a list of the 3 most overrated films of the year (in order).

    This may overlap with the "Most Disappointing Movies" forum, but that's okay.

    The deadline to post is January 31st.

    Scores will be tallied on February 1st for the no-prize :)

    The more who participate the better!
  • 2 years ago
  • 2 years ago
  • @moviegeek

    1. The Avengers
    2. The Expendables 2
    3. Resident Evil Retribution

    I can think of only one film I've seen this year and that is The Avengers. A really good film, but still I highly overrated.

    I know most people thinks Resident Evil Retribution sucks, but I think it's overrated even with it's 31% critics score on RT. I feel it shouldn't have gotten more then 5 to 10%. It was just a horrible film. I know everyone has their own opinion on films, but I really don't understand how or why people enjoy these films or how RE Retribution managed to get a 51% fan audience on RT. It just blows my mind.

    Finally there is The Expendables 2. I voiced my reasons for the film being bad and overrated in my review. It's just a mishmash of action stars with no character development, story, humor and average to below average action.
  • 2 years ago
  • PROMETHEUS--Don't even get get me started on this sh*t-fest of ungodly proportions.

    LINCOLN--Overwrought. Pretentious. Lots of big name actors. Oscar fodder. But yeah, Daniel Day was good.

    ZERO DARK THIRTY--A decently detailed movie of the moment, but not note-worthy in long term circ*mstances. A crazy-big ensemble cast overshadows lazy cinematography, some overacting, and some terrible writing.

    Honorable Mentions:

    CABIN IN THE WOODS--As a veteran of horror, I was quite displeased with this one and all of its unfounded acclaim. It failed to do what BEHIND THE MASK: THE RISE OF LESLIE VERNON did so perfectly.

    LES MISERABLES--Too damn long, choppy, forceful, melodramatic, repetitive, and contains some terrible singing (looking at you, Crowe!). Not to mention the songs herein were flat-out forgettable.

    ARGO--Good acting and a decent denouement can't outdo predictability, ho-hum direction and genre typical cinematography and scoring.

    SINISTER--One hell of a fantastic film... Until its appalling, hole-ridden ending.
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  • 2 years ago
  • 1.) The Dark Knight Rises - #38 on IMDb's Top 250?! It's higher than Citizen Kane for crying out loud.

    2.) The Avengers - It was a fun action-filled popcorn movie. Nothing more.

    3.) The Hunger Games - I think it's a good movie. However, the target audience seems to defend the sh*t out of it when it comes to its funky film-making style and unusual plot holes.

    4.) Rise of the Guardians - Creative ideas tossed into a blender of cutesie themes and dumb humor. After the first 30 minutes it lost all its spark and charm. Sickens me that this is being called "The Avengers for kids."

    5.) Goon - This might be an odd choice, but I'm just flabbergasted by how high of a score it has on Rotten Tomatoes. Much like how anti-war films exploit the pains and horrors of war, Goon is an anti-sports film that exploits, well, brawls in hockey. But the biggest downfall of Goon is how it makes a big deal out of very small things.
  • 2 years ago
  • 1. The Master
    2. The Life Of Pi
    3. Lincoln
    4. Les Mis
    5. The Hunger Games
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  • 2 years ago
  • Avengers, Spider Man , and Hunger Games
  • 2 years ago
  • Lincoln. A boring, slow moving film that holds no emotion. Lewis was great but even his performance gets tiring after the first half of the film.
  • 2 years ago
  • 1) Prometheus--Certainly the most hyped given it was Ridley Scott's return to the Alien franchise, and sci-fi in general. What was supposed to be an intriguing origin story amounted to little more than a very generic sci-fi horror film with campy elements, and was the first film from an 'A' grade director which had me going "okay you're not really gonna go for--oh, you did" because usually when such directors make such pitfalls, it's expected. But here it was totally unexpected, and a complete surprise given how well Ridley has tackled sci-fi in the past. Overall he ruined one of the most enduring mysteries in film history and replaced it with more boring unanswered questions and lame characters whom were devoid of common sense.

    2) The Avengers--Now I'm a fan of these Marvel Heroes' individual outings for the most part (have yet to see "Thor" and didn't like "Incredible Hulk") given their undying attention to character development and plot detail in which everything seems to have a purpose for rounding off these characters. But the avengers number too many to develop the characters any further, nor introduce any details unique to one character, as it would take too much screen time for all 6 characters. So what we get is an action packed CGI actioneer full of too much BS techno-jargon and petty arguments which do nothing for the characters. Overall it was a fun popcorn film which summed up the minute plot points of its predecessors for a film which wasn't nearly as emotionally or dramatically endearing as the avengers independent outings. But again, it was a damn good popcorn film.

    3) Django Unchained--Quentin Tarantino's Revenge flick set in the Antebellum South was a reimagining of "Inglourious Basterds" given it was the same idea in a different setting. However, the title character isn't Tarantino-esque at all. And given we're so familiar with the southern lifestyle, then I'd have expected Tarantino to do something completely balls out insane, but the Southerners are just as vile and boring as they are in all those doc*mentaries and historical epics. So much so in fact that Tarantino doesn't surprise us at all with their lifestyle. Nothing Tarantino-esque about it given how crazy it already is. And where the scenes dragged on a bit long like in "Inglourious Basterds," they were completely devoid of the tension and suspense said scenes had in that film, which were sorely lacking here. Scenes just went on with no sinister undercurrent. And the dialogue wasn't nearly as hysterical. So essentially the whole film was an extended red band trailer not worthy of its bloated runtime, despite that its pacing was better than its cinematic antecedent. Ultimately you expect the transition from trailer to film to be a big reveal, like pulling down the curtain and seeing how much more the film really is. Especially with Tarantino's films, but not this time.

    I unfortunately don't see as many films as the rest of you do, so I don't have any more entries.
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  • 2 years ago
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    Zero Dark Thirty - I don't really get what was the hype about this movie. It's just a story of how they captured Osama Bin Laden and really, I don't see the purpose of making it into a movie when there are billions of doc*mentaries about this.

    Pitch Perfect - It's Bridesmaid but with chicks singing so bad that American Idol would be proud. Worst is that this and Bridesmaid are getting their own sequels. That's how bad this movie is.
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  • 2 years ago
  • "The Amazing Spider-Man" - Many people are considering it the best reboot ever and think that it completely surpasses the original 3 films 100%. However, I disagree. The film wasn't as great as I thought it'd be, and it could've been SO much better.
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  • 2 years ago
  • #1) "The Avengers": A tedious, laughable attempt to bring together some of the most loved superheros of all-time. It's a replica of epic proportions, and caters to the fans of "Transformers", just under a different title. How convenient.

    #2) "The Dark Knight Rises": Filled with enough plot holes to make a grown-ass man cry, "The Dark Knight Rises" stoops lower in quality as it's hefty duration progresses; making it Christoper Nolan's worst film, yet.

    #3) "Lincoln": Daniel-Day Lewis gives an outstanding performance as Abraham Lincoln. That's it. "Lincoln" is far from terrible, but it's anything but great. Long, dull, and carrying traits that just barely wind up being notable.

    #4) "The Amazing Spider-Man": "The Amazing Spider-Man" is that bag of candy your kid loves that you can't stand; to a kid, it's sweet, but to an adult, it's saturated in desp*cable ingredients. The film has heart, but it's not enough to make up for it's hideous flaws. Badly executed in just about every way, "The Amazing Spider-Man" hints at grace, but spews mediocrity.

    #5) "The Hobbit": When it's not reminiscing the previous trilogy's greatness, it's overstaying it's welcome. "The Hobbit" is overblown, and accomplishes practically nothing; which - given it's long run time - adds insult to injury. Forgettable characters, forgettable action-sequences, and cliched to a T. At the end of the day, "The Hobbit" is a short rubber band stretched far beyond it's limits.
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  • 2 years ago
  • 1) Argo - To be certain this is not a bad film but I am still a bit bewildered by all the talk of "best movie of the year" and "Oscar this and Oscar that"

    2) Prometheus - This was certainly the movie I was most excited to see for 2012 and that is why I was probably so disapointed. Characters take rediculous actions so against the type they have already set up for said characters that I found it hard to keep my sarcastic remarks to myself in the theater. By attemtping to demystify the Space Jockey, the creators have done the Alien franchise a diservice.

    3) Lincoln - What can i say about this one that hasn't been said above. Boring, bloated and over long with a few outstanding performances.
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  • 2 years ago
  • Excuse my intrusion, but...

    @skywise@slysnide -- How is "Prometheus" overrated? Generally, it received decent reviews(but just barely), and is one of - if not THE - most hated anticipated film of the year.

    @superman81@thedude-abides -- Forgive me, but how is "The Hunger Games" overrated? Generally, it is said to be a good movie, but that's about it.
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  • 2 years ago
  • @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx I felt it was a good movie but it seemed to quick at times. The acting was sub par, I give credit to Harrelson who did a fine job. I don't think it was a bad movie just don't think it was all it was hyped to be.
  • 2 years ago
  • @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx The Dark Knight Rises did have some plot holes and Nolan should have done a better job in the editing room but Hardy and Hathaway were terrific in their roles and the movie performed better than TDK overseas and with a national tragedy so I think it lived up to the hype.
  • 2 years ago
  • @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx Fan reaction. I typically only judge films as being overrated/underrated based on the awards they receieve, but since award season is not yet upon us, I have to go based on fan reaction and how good I thought the movie was as a whole, which in my opinion, was an average to slightly above average movie at best, nowhere near as good as its reception would indicate.
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  • 2 years ago
  • @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx Perhaps my utter loathing for a film I truly wanted to love has gottten the better of me. But with a 73% rating on RottenTomatoes and a 65 rating on I would say this movie is over rated.

    Having said that I can certainly say that the visuals and performances help buoy this film but everything else is a mess.
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  • 2 years ago
  • @XxNickTheFilmCriticXx: I didn't follow the fan reaction to "Prometheus" besides what a few reviews on this site said of it, and those were for the most part positive, whereas I thought otherwise. Plus it was really hyped up and not enough pro-critics were complaining about the obvious missteps, so I presumed it got a better reaction overall than what the minority on this site thought of it.
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  • 2 years ago
  • Am I doing this right?

    Killing The Softly, 21 Jump Street, Ted, Pitch Perfect, Cloud Atlas and Life of Pi
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