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  • 5 years ago
  • My mind was just about blown last night when I saw a commercial on TV. We all know Prince of Persia to be a long standing video game series that I have not personally played but have heard good things about. Recently, Bruckheimer and Co. have released a film adaptation of The Sands of Time, casting Jake Gylllenhaal (what the f*ck?) as the Prince of PERSIA (again, what the f*ck?)

    I'm not here to complain about obvious casting boobs and Hollywood whitewashing...well, maybe a little. But what originally brought my mind to near collapse is that I saw that they were making a Prince of Persia video game, BASED OFF OF THE MOVIE! The cover was that dumb picture of Jake Gyllenhaal in that stupid pose with his swords that we've all been forced to look at for the past 2 months.

    Does this not strike anyone else as completely crazy? You have a video game, then you make a movie based off of that video game, and then you make a video game based off of the movie that is based off of a f*cking video game! Has this ever happened before (not that I can think of)? Is this just further proof that all the profit for films is made from merchandising (Spaceballs the flamethrower, anyone?) Or is this just some f*cked up paradox wrought by Disney to bring about the destruction of the planet?
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