EXCLUSIVE: ‘Somm’ ’This Sucks’ Clip

Jason Wise directs this documentary about preparations for the wine world’s Master Sommelier Exam, in theaters and on iTunes June 21st.

Director Jason Wise takes moviegoers inside the elite world of wine tasting in our exclusive scene from Somm, debuting on iTunes and in theaters June 21. This clip shows some of the preparations a wine taster must go through before the Master Sommelier Exam, a test that only 200 people have passed in over 40 years. Leave that Franzia boxed wine behind and watch as one participant gets put through the ringer before this rigorous test of the taste buds.

Written and directed by Jason Wise, Somm follows four men as they prepare for the hardest test you've never heard of: the Master Sommelier Exam. The highest honor in the world of wine with fewer than 200 candidates passing the Master Level in over 40 years.

Somm's subjects live and breathe wine -- you see how their desire to become a master sommelier becomes their driving force, superseding personal lives, marriages, and sanity. The film explores when a passion becomes an obsession, and with all the excitement of a national championship football game, you get a first row seat as some triumph, some stumble, and some fall.

Somm was released June 21st, 2013 and stars Bo Barrett, Shayn Bjornholm, Dave Cauble, Ian Cauble, Andrea Cecci, Fred Dame, Elizabeth Dowty, Whitney Fisher. The film is directed by Jason Wise.

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