EXCLUSIVE: ‘Scream 5’ Is Happening Says Wes Craven

The iconic horror director believes the proposed "second trilogy" will continue sometime in the near future.

Director Wes Craven says Scream 5 is happening
Director Wes Craven says Scream 5 is happening
We just got off the phone with Wes Craven, who is out promoting the Scream 4 Blu-ray and DVD, in stores October 4th. When Scream 4 was coming to theaters last spring, it was rumored to be the beginning of a whole new trilogy. The sequel didn't fare quite as well at the box office as some hoped. This had many speculating that the popular franchise was over, and that the so-called new trilogy would not play out on screens as intended.

Well, Wes Craven tends to think the contrary. He is a firm believer in Scream 5, and says that 'yes', the movie will more than likely get made sometime in the near future.

"Yes. The odds are that there will be (a Scream 5). It is something that Bob Weinstein wants to do. He tends to do what he wants to do. So I am inclined to think that there will be (another sequel). Whether I will be a part of it or not? I don't know. My contract gives me the first look. If they show me something that is really wonderful? Of course I will be a part of it."

We followed this up by asking the iconic horror director where the trilogy was heading, as the end of Scream 4 leaves things open and ambiguous, and doesn't really point us in a clear direction for a Scream 5.

"I'd have to kill you if I told you. Its better to have an ending where you can't tell where it's going to go next. Than to have an ending where you go, "Oh, that is the hook for the sequel. That is the hook for the next one." We felt it was better to let the audience speculate than to have all of these clues placed in their lap. It's not a matter of not being smart enough (to figure out how 4 ties into 5). We're clever at this. Let's just put it that way."

Wes Craven then went onto explain how these movies are made, and how he is the last to know that a new sequel is ready.

" Most people think that I sit around and think up ideas. Then I send them to the studio. With Scream, that is not the case. Kevin Williamson has been the writer since day one. He has been the writer on all of these projects, at least at the beginning of them. That relationship with him and Bob Weinstein is very old, and close. Typically what will happen is that Bob Weinstein or Kevin Williamson will come up with a new idea, and they will pitch it to one or the other. If they both like it, they will toss it around and see if they can develop it into an overarching concept. Then I get the telephone call. They say, "We have something to show you." It will either be a scene, or if it is Kevin Williamson, he will run through the idea with me from beginning to end. That is what happened on this one. There were a few pages. Not many. At some point there was a first draft. But it mainly started with me and Kevin Williamson sitting down in a restaurant in Los Angeles. He showed me how it would go, and I really thought he had something there. So I signed on. Before that point, I am at a position where I don't want to be involved with something until the script is there. That makes me not a part of the original process, of banging out the idea. I think that Kevin Williamson is the best at that. And Bob Weinstein is all over that too. I don't want to play another guy in that. Going into (Scream 4), the first meeting I had with Kevin Williamson, he did sketch out a Scream 5 and 6. The idea was that we were doing the first in a new trilogy. We had to wait to see if we made enough money on each film to make the next one viable. If that happens, those two will come up with the concepts and an idea that is worth fulfilling."

The Scream 4 Blu-ray and Scream 4 DVD arrive in stores October 4th.

Scream 4 was released April 15th, 2011 and stars Lucy Hale, Roger Jackson, Shenae Grimes, Dane Farwell, Anna Paquin, Kristen Bell, Aimee Teegarden, Britt Robertson. The film is directed by Wes Craven.

Scream 5 is in development and stars Neve Campbell, David Arquette.

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  1. Zak Lee Ferguson


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  2. Bobforesi

    Yeah, some are good and others are lame. Great campy stuff regardless.

    3 years agoby @bobforesiFlag

  3. Gina39

    i hope that they do a scream 5 i do agree that part 3 was the worst one yet but as long as kevin williamson is writing the stories i am there. otherwise i think wes craven will do it again. it would be cool to see if sid turns evil after all the drama she has been thru.

    3 years agoby @gina39Flag

  4. kbelliveau

    Bring back Alison Brie, and bring in a younger cast!

    3 years agoby @kbelliveauFlag

  5. Mexy1781

    oooo come on the first was cool the second ok the third sucked the fourth was alittle better but not good enough to make a fifth...seriously just stop

    3 years agoby @mexy1781Flag

  6. slysnide

    @Juicy-Strawperry: I'm reading straight zeros on your whole profile. Zero ratings. Zero reviews. Zero friends. And I see you only joined for the sake of "Scream 4," so the fact you deliberately took the time to write a comment to those two about not caring for their opinions shows that you clearly do, as they weren't involved in a discussion with you, so you just randomly called out their opinions cause you're too shallow to get what everyone else is talking about. There are intelligent debaters here who can go back and forth, and then there's you; the type who calls out against anyone with opinions opposite your own. Man you're pathetic.

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    @jayaottley -I don't give a sh*t! :)

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    @ejk1 I hear you, I'm just saying a person's credibility in my book doesn't go up until I see them expand beyond the topic that drove them to create an account and comment. If the person that called me a douche or that my opinion is invalid decided to become a regular, I might give them the time of day. Anyways, too much focus on anonymous users who won't likely return unless to continue the charade.

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    @dan1 I've got a problem with people that join MW just to insult someone because they don't agree with their opinion, not people like Sean.

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    @ejk1 Well said, but I think most of us realize your neutrality in most matters. It's commendable all the same, though. I don't have a problem with people defending a series they like, but at least be tactful about it and try to expand your horizons. It took a LONG time, but even that Sean guy has branched out into other stuff now beyond Pirates.

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  11. ejk1

    A couple of observations and thoughts here:
    1) I think it's funny that some people who are annoyed with the Scream haters are some of the same people that bash Twilight any chance they get. Personally, I don't care for either franchise, and as such I don't bother bashing either one incessantly like some people here do. I also don't cherry pick which franchises to hate, like some people do. I also don't care if people trash franchises I like. So....take that for what you will.

    2) @jayaottley Craven is "DeNiroing" himself? As in killing his own career? Yeah, you're welcome for that ;)

    3) I hate users that are obvious fanatics of a franchise that only come on to defend said franchises. You know the type. There are some people on this thread that are the definition of what I am talking about. To those people who I will not mention (they aren't worth the bullsh*t headache I'd have to deal with from reading their sh*t brained responses), go f*ck yourselves.

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  12. Corey W.

    @dan1 People not liking Scream sequels is very, very normal. You'd think she'd understand that. I'm not sure I want a Scream 5 as much as anyone else. Scream 4 was entertaining and had a cool twist and all but a 5th might take all that back and turn Scream into a sh*t-series again.

    3 years agoby @coreyFlag

  13. Dan

    @corey That was corny and unnecessary concerning @Juicy-Strawperry being butt hurt over @brian and I not caring for the Scream sequels. But amusing.

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  14. Corey W.

    @brian and @dan1 are some of the top contenders here on MW. I'd watch who you try and pick fights with @Juicy-Strawperry because these guys will tear you up in a movie discussion! Just some friendly advice.

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    @corey He's British, they're just weird over there. Least that's what I tell myself with their brand of humor.

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    @jayaottley Let me get this straight, are you trying to be funny or a complete ass? Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm gonna go with being an ass.

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  18. Jay.A.Ottley

    HAHA brilliant I just loved the way some of you reacted to that comment i made which was what i wanted to see.

    I'm giving the Academy Award to @corey because his comment reaction was absolutely briliant...meh @moviemaniac66 comment sounded like a reimagination to @corey comment looool


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  19. MovieManiac

    @jayaottley - What are you talking about? I obviously understood the film. If i didn't understand the film then I obviously wouldn't be a fan of the Scream series. You don't even know me so don't insult my intelligence. Your not the only person in the world who understood the film.

    4 years agoby @moviemaniac66Flag

  20. MovieManiac

    @ghostman - Yeah it is great to see more Scream fans here. It gets annoying whenever I go on a Scream article on this site and every commenter is commenting about how much they hate the franchise. It's nice to see that I am not the only person here who actually enjoys the Scream films.

    4 years agoby @moviemaniac66Flag

  21. Dan

    @brian But she didn't care enough to tag me properly.

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  22. Corey W.

    @jayaottley Actually I did understand the point of Scre4m....So take me off that list. Based on my comment, there is no way you could say I didn't understand the intelligance or point of Scre4m. I'm not an idiot, I understood the film just fine. So I'm not sure what exactly is funny to you, but I think its funny that you believe your the only person in the world who understood Scream 4.

    4 years agoby @coreyFlag

  23. ROFLitschristian

    @jayaottley Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why am I included in that list? If I didn't know the whole point of the Scream franchise I'd have no interest in it!

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  24. Stansfield

    @SD1987 you have it wrong there buddy...I never said that.

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  25. SD1987

    You didn't "enlighten" me in any way.
    You said I didn't understand the irony and intelligence of Scream 4 based on absolutely nothing.

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  26. Brian

    @Juicy-Strawperry Obviously you do.

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  27. Messenger

    Scream 4 was OK, but what people need to realize is that series is NOT a horror story. It'sa who-done-it with a over tone. I find trying to figure out who is the killer and what the motivation is to be the real juice behind the story, especially now.

    4 years agoby @messengerFlag

  28. Juicy Strawperry

    @brian & @dan. As if anybody cares about your opinions.

    4 years agoby @Juicy-StrawperryFlag


    I'm all for a Scream 5, i just hope it's better then the last. And it may just be me but i always thought the third Scream was the best movie, but it could just be me.

    4 years agoby @Number1WolverineFlag

  30. Stansfield

    @SD1987 I would have enlightened you with my thoughts on the subject, but your resorting to name calling has put me off the whole thing. Grow up bud.

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