EXCLUSIVE: ‘Liars All’ Photo Gallery with Sara Paxton and Matt Lanter

A provocative game spins out of control on New Year’s Eve leading to murder, in theaters June 21st.

On New Year's Eve in London, a group of friends play a provocative game that spins out of control and ends in murder. With a killer on the loose, survivors of this catastrophic evening will learn how far some will go to win a game. Check out our exclusive photo gallery for Liars All featuring stars Sara Paxton, Matt Lanter, Darin Brooks, Randy Wayne, Gillian Zinser, Torrance Coombs and more. Its will be one holiday they'll never forget. Let's play!

Liars All Photo 1

Liars All Photo 2

Liars All Photo 3

Liars All Photo 4

Liars All Photo 5

Liars All Photo 6

Liars All Photo 7

Liars All was released June 21st, 2013 and stars Sara Paxton, Matt Lanter, Alice Evans, Darin Brooks, Randy Wayne, Tim Phillipps, Gillian Zinser, Torrance Coombs. The film is directed by Brian Brightly.

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