EXCLUSIVE: Jackson Rathbone Talks ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’

The popular young actor discusses his role in the upcoming final chapters of the popular vampire franchise.

Actor Jackson Rathbone plays vampire Jasper Hale in the extremely popular Twilight films. He first appeared in the original Twilight and then followed that up with The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. He will soon reprise his role for the final chapters of the series, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2. We recently had a chance to catch up with Jackson Rathbone and asked the popular actor about the status of the upcoming vampire films. To watch our exclusive interview please click on the video clip below.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 and The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 promises to Illuminate the secrets and mysteries of this spellbinding romantic epic that has entranced millions.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 was released November 18th, 2011 and stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, Billy Burke, Anna Kendrick, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone. The film is directed by Bill Condon.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 was released November 16th, 2012 and stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene, Jackson Rathbone, Kellan Lutz. The film is directed by Bill Condon.

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Comments (9)

  1. Diaigma

    Airbender was the first film I saw him in, and that was enough for me :P

    4 years agoby @diaigmaFlag

  2. Spongebob_Boxofficepants

    well its the final films
    so let's all settle our hates and let's see how it ends and how it grows up from crazy fan girls!

    4 years agoby @spongebob-boxofficepantsFlag

  3. Cartman

    @Daveactor7 - hahahaha mutual

    4 years agoby @c-a-r-t-m-a-nFlag

  4. Daveactor7

    Not to mention- it shows that they bite off Harry Potter. I will be crying when Harry Potter ends and I will be cheering when twilight ends

    4 years agoby @daveactor7Flag

  5. Vamp

    @Narrator Completely ridiculous.

    4 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

  6. the Narrator

    Agreed @Vamp. This book did not need a split. The series didn't need to be adapted anyways, but a two part finale is ridiculous.

    4 years agoby @narratorFlag

  7. artkid04

    I'm a twilight fan too but a two parter, not needed.

    4 years agoby @artkid04Flag

  8. Daveactor7

    I lost brain cells from this video :( lol

    4 years agoby @daveactor7Flag

  9. Vamp

    Well they were right with stepping it up in each movie. Haha. Twilight was one of those films where I went "Why did I like this in theater?" Lol. New Moon wasn't better by much. Eclipse stepped it up, though, and I enjoyed it. Vampires don't sparkle, though. They're not vampires! Haha.

    I also think it's kind of bullsh*t that they're splitting it into two parts. It's not like Deathly Hallows, which NEEDED a split. There was a bunch of whining in Breaking Dawn that could be skipped. Nothing that needed elaboration. That was purely a move for more money. I get it, though, gotta put bread on the table. Just think it's ridiculous. lol.

    4 years agoby @vampire2000Flag

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