EXCLUSIVE: ‘Femme Fatales: Help Me, Rhonda’ Clip

A woman held hostage in her home seeks the help of a secret lover in this latest episode of the hit Cinemax anthology series.

Cinemax will debut an all-new episode of its hit anthology series Femme Fatales this Friday at 11pm. From director Robert Meyer Burnett comes Help Me, Rhonda, which finds the beautiful Camille (Ana Alexander) being held hostage in her own home by a group of intruders (Jules Hartley, Paul Green, Justin Shilton) after her husband's confidential documents. Her only chance for survival may be her clever lover, Rhonda (Crystal Allen) who is hiding in the house. We have an exclusive peek at this seductive new episode, which you can check out in the clip below along with new photos featuring Justin Shilton, Ana Alexander, and Jules Hartley.

Femme Fatales: Help Me, Rhonda Photo #1

Femme Fatales: Help Me, Rhonda Photo #2

Femme Fatales: Help Me, Rhonda Photo #3

Femme Fatales episode 1.9, "Help Me, Rhonda" stars Tanit Phoenix, Ana Alexander, Crystal Allen, Paul Green, Jules Hartley, Justin Shilton} and is directed by Robert Meyer Burnett}.

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